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NFL Under/Overs

Always like looking at this, although I think there is little chance to make large profits as the margins are so small. For what it’s worth here’s 4 I like in order:

  1. San Diego Chargers +6.5 wins. AFC West looks up for grabs, last season seemed to throw away a few games. I think they can get 8-10 wins.

  2. Cleveland Browns +4.5 wins. ‘The Browns are terrible, the Browns want to lose etc etc.’ I’m not falling for it. Good Head Coach, I think they get 5-8 wins

  3. Baltimore Ravens +8.5 wins. Quality organisation, last year everything that could go wrong did. Think they will bounce back with between 9-11 wins

  4. Minnesota Vikings -9.5 wins. Would expect them to do well but will they really win 10 games? I’ll take the under


What bookmaker do you find offers the best availability of such markets. I find the ones I use have very limited options at this point. Maybe they will expand their markets in the coming weeks.

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Just had a look over at odds checker

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Would agree on the Browns… they are obviously not world beaters but 4.5 looks very low

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Beginning to think the Browns at over 4.5 wins is the under/over bet to get on. For Jackson to name RGIII the starter already is very encouraging.

I think they go 7-9

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I’ve just backed this as well they have looked pretty decent in preseason so far and RGIII is looking best to somewhere near his best. Gordon comes back week 5 so that could be a huge boost and Barnidge is doing what Barnidge does. Worth a few quid I agree.

Yep I withdrew the post because I thought people might be fed up with me pushing this. Hope people get on this

Never be afraid to push it mate, it’s good to get strong opinions. Like Jon said they only need to win 5 and I think with their preseason that 4.5 might rise soon

With one week to go just looking at this again. Still confident on the 4 selections given last month of:

San Diego Chargers +6.5 wins
Cleveland Browns +4.5 wins
Baltimore Ravens +8.5 wins
Minnesota Vikings -9.5 wins

Here are some more selections:

Denver -9.5 wins. Question marks at QB and holes beginning to form in Defense. Not sure the same intensity will be there coming off a Superbowl win. I wonder if we are looking at an under 500 team here?

LA Rams -7.5 wins. Again question marks at QB. Very difficult schedule with a lot of air miles.

Tennesse +5.5 wins. With their running game can they keep games tight and grind out some wins?

Yeah Titans look a lot better on offense this year so far especially with in the running game.

The Titans have been very poor at home over the last 2 seasons a combined 2-14!

Their schedule this year isn’t too bad particularly on the road with games against:

Detroit, Houston, Miami, San Diego, Indianapolis, Chicago, KC, Jacksonville

I think on paper they could get a minimum of 3 wins from the above and maybe 3-5 or 4-4 at home and your looking at 7 wins in total. Maybe 8-8 season?

Did they change Dallas after the romo injury?

There at 9.5 on what I’m looking at so I don’t think much change. Probably think they can muddle through until he gets back (if you’ll excuse the pun!). This is one I wouldn’t touch. Cowboys need a fast start as middle part of schedule looks tough.

I’d go lower surely that’s a bet. Unless these 2 rookies are special?

I’m not sure, just quite hard to predict as you know with the Cowboys. I think your right lower is the safer bet but I would think even with Romo out they will be thinking they can get to 9 or 10 wins

I hope you got your money on at -9.5 Vikings as the line has gone to 8 now.

Probably slight value now in taking the over? Zimmer’s a great coach and I think he will get them back up again after Teddy’s injury

He is and i think we have one of the best defences in the league, but cant see how we will be even functional in the passing game. Shaun Hill had to step in for part of a game last season and it was a horror show. :frowning:

You weren’t functional in the passing game last year :slight_smile:Peterson is plan A and plan B.

I think you will have to get someone else in. Ideally Norv Turner likes QB’s that can throw the ball deep but there is slim pickings at the minute. Sanchez and Geno both throw too many picks and are not really the kind of game manager that is probably needed. McCown I think would be best but to give up probably a third round pick is quite a price to pay. Might be the best option though