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NFL FANTASY SURVIVOR! (NFL.com) 2017 Money League

NFL.com have launched this game again for the new season which in previous seasons I’ve really enjoyed playing. So yet again I have set up my own private money league on it. I have made it a one and done league - so there is no lives in this money league.

I’m making it the same entry cost as last year - £10 in per entrant - and as the league name suggests this one is ‘Winner Takes All’.

However when and if it gets down to just two survivors and they both get eliminated the same week I will re-activate them both (as a sort of tiebreaker) so they can continue on to find an outright winner but if they are both still alive at the end of the game then they will both be declared as joint winners and the pot split between them.

Anyone can join but must be showing in my money league before the start of the game (so that will be Thursday September 7th - which is actually 1:30am Friday morning 8th September UK time).

Once you have joined my league please let me know your entry name (as it uses usernames only) and if you don’t see me in person or don’t know the score regards paying remotely please contact me (send me a PM to enquire how to do so).

To join this private money league follow this link: NFL FANTASY SURVIVOR - Winner Takes All Group

League Password: 4thTimesATreat

In for this one too, Noel - have sent you the cash

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Hey all - we are down to the last two Survivors mclaren39 & jrt55555 - I’m gutted the Steelers did for me and the other chap left in Week 5. Any way if one of these guys wins soon there’s enough weeks left to start a new league so just letting everyone know that I propose to start up another late starting survivor money league to kick off the very next week after this league is won.

Hi Noel

It looks like both me and McLaren got knocked out in the same week. Are you going to give me and McLaren the opportunity to settle be tie this week? Unless you want to just give me the win given hat technically the Falcons lost a few hours before the Broncos did :wink:

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Nope your both be re-instated for next week. If it lets me if not I’ll do a separate run off league for you both.

EDIT - Okay it wont let me re-instate just you two as everyone is dead - only will let me re-start whole league so what I am going to do is make up a separate league just for you 2 okay.

Didn’t get an email either, but have now joined directly.

@bluelionman - Just to clarify, I assume we still can’t pick a team that we picked in previous weeks - although the system will allow us to?

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Correct - Flacco2012 just asked me the same thing in a PM and this explains why in a past season I have screen shots that say Duenni is the winner but my records say I paid out WATTNFL as the winner - this now explains why (couldn’t work it out last night) but I see Duenni got disqualified for picking Green Bay twice once in each league.

So yes I will check back when one of you two win and if either of you picked a team you picked before in the original league (screen shot above) then you will be disqualified (and considered to have picked a loser that week for the purposes of who wins this run-off).

I have posted in the run-off league to say this so by now both of you should know the score - may the best Survivor win.

Also hopefully can find a few more interested parties for a second WTA league that will start the very next week after one of you two win this one.

All clear, thanks Noel

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We have a winner:

Many congratulations to mclaren39 (Dan Nichols) who won the run off and bags the £100 prize pot with an overall record of 8-1.

Original WTA 2017 Survivor Table:

Game history for all BLM NFL.com money leagues can be found here:

Commiserations to everyone else who took part… for those of you that are interested I think there is time to run a second WTA league just as I did last season so starting this week (NFL Week 10). Any one can join - just need to contact me for the password to get in if you didn’t get a direct e-mail about it.

It will be £10 entry and Winner Takes All. If there is not a winner come the end of the regular season then prize pot will be split by those still alive after the end of the regular season.


Start - NFL Week 10
Cost - £10
Prize - Winner Takes All

I believe there is enough time (just) to do a second league just as I did last season, so have already set one up to start from this week (NFL Week 10). It’s the same crack as before £10 entry per person with Winner Taking All (or share of pot for all those left alive if regular season finishes first).

Please PM me for an invite to this private money league group if you don’t already have one (as I sent it by e-mail to those in my mailing list but I’ve not made it public here to stop non-paying interlopers joining up - however anyone is welcome - as long as they pay entry fee upon entry).

Congratulations McLaren - damn you Bills!

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The regular season ended and 2 players were still alive so the pot for WTA2 is split 2 ways = £65 each.