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NFL FANTASY SURVIVOR - 2022 (RYP) - £10 money league - Staring NFL Week 3!


Alas NFL.com has done away with its ‘Survivor’ game - just like in years past it did away with 'Pick ‘Em’ and even earlier than that ‘Perfect Challenge’ - all really fun games I used to run private mini money leagues on.

Well, a few weeks in to this year’s NFL season and I’m truly missing this game, so much so I decided to switch to a new provider. I already do games with RYP but until this year they were always pay to play games so never ran my own pools on their platform due to the added costs and having to pay in USD (as there an American business). Well just today I noticed new this season they now offer a free tier - I guess to get people to try out their website and games. Having read all their T&C’s and pricing plans it’s kind of sneaky as says when you invite people with your pools private link you can’t refuse anyone using it to join - and if you go over 15 entrants then fees are due. Their charges are based on how many people you get in a pool.

But I can work within that framework - so am limiting my pools on RYP to 15 players max in any games I set up there - so 14 others + myself. Then it’s free to set up pools on there website.

So, I have just set up my own private Survivor pool. I have made it a one and done league - so there are no extra lives in this money league.

I’m making it the same entry cost as when I did a league on NFL.com’s game - £10 in per entrant - and as the league name suggests this one is ‘Winner Takes All’. I am starting this pool from NFL Week 3 (so tonight’s game). However do not stress as the default deadline to make picks by in the Regular season is 1PM US ET (6PM UK Time). So people have until Sunday to jump into this pool.

If you want into this league then just reply to my - you can post here or PM me from here (or e-mail me if you know my fantasy games e-mail address). First (maximum 14) people to pay will be invited to join the pool by me with my dedicated private pool link after paying.

AS FOR THE ACTUAL GAME: If it gets down to just two survivors and they both get eliminated the same week I will try to reactivate them both (as a sort of tiebreaker) so they can continue on to find an outright winner but if the site does not let me do this or they are both still alive at the end of the game then they will both be declared as joint winners and the pot split between them.

As for paying me the entry fee if you don’t see me in person or have money on account with me nor know the online ways then just contact me to ask - (PM’s from this forum get forwarded to my e-mail).

So over to you - you want in to this late starting NFL Survivor Pool?

Then reply to me today and let me know.

Game Site (in case you want to have a gander): Run Your Pool

best regards,

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member

PS Why not make your entry name your TFP Forum username (if your registered here).

Entry List (5)

Below I will list all entrants and BOLD (plus put an American football) :football: next to entries when paid.

bluelionman - Noel Symonds :football:

gazj885 - Gary Johnson

Acme1386 - Abraham Cervantes :football:

Barry J - Barry Jenkinson

duenni - Andy Duenner :football:

Stevefringe - Steve Smith :football:

I’m terrible at this Last Man Standing games - out Round 1. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If anyone is interested in doing another one - let me know - I’ll start a new one if there’s enough interested anytime from now until Week 10.

I’ll join if you do another one for new entrants

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