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NFL Draft Props

Here’s some that I like already:

  1. Josh Allen first pick in draft (5/2)
  2. QB’s in first round over 4.5 (6/10)
  3. WR’s under 3.5 (4/7)
  4. Picks 1.1-1.3-J.Allen, S Darnold, J Rosen (8/1) or as a cover Darnold, Allen, Rosen (8/1)
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Who on earth is giving 6/10 on over 4.5 QBs? I’ve seen 1/4 quoted which sounds about right. 6/10 is a piling on sort of price


Nice to see you again Majic. Tipped Allen @10s last week on discord. I hope you’re right mate


He’s still 3/1 on Betfair sportsbook

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Always share tips here to Al - I’m unable to get in the betting room on Discord. :football:

Nice one, that’s a great price.

I didn’t put it in the betting room mate, it was in the main bit

Oh - apologies I must try and get on there more… :football:

Just listening to Troy Aikman on ‘The Doomsday Podcast’. He is covering QB’s for Fox on Draft Night. Some interesting nuggets:

  1. Thinks 4 QB’s will go in first round
  2. His Top 5 in order:


Not keen on Allen thinks he is too inaccurate for NFL. Really likes Mayfield. Thinks the Pats will be interested in Rudolph.

I still think it will be 5. Hopefully Jackson to Cardinals.

@JonCartwright Over 4.5 QB’S was with Betstars

Beginning to think Allen to Browns might be a smoke screen. The Browns owner attended Darnold’s pro day and was very impressed. Allen seems a bit of a gamble at #1

Looking at skybet (I see Betstars have moved the line to under/over 5.5 QB’s! )

Darnold#1 Barkley#2 = 6/4
Barkley to Giants = 5/4
Baker Mayfield picks 1-15= 1/5 (short but will go in top 5)
Baker Mayfield to Jets 5/4
Derwin James picks 1-15-1/2

One spanner in the works could be the Giants trading out at #2. Mayfield seems to be the hottest player in the draft right now. The Jets will probably now take him at #3 but could someone trade up to #2 to pinch him. Stranger things have happened

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7-4 with Ladbrokes if you want to get on that particular tip

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I got burned a few years ago stuck £100 on first pick being said QB and they went the other way so as I am clueless really as don’t follow college am swerving punting the draft - looking forward to just watching it. Wish the Lions would trade up to 1st and take SB! :football:

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I’m confident on the following:

  1. Over 4.5 QB’s Round 1 (6/10 taken)
  2. WR’s R1 Under 3.5 (4/7 taken)
  3. Derwen James picks 1-15 (1/2)

Still confusion with the Browns at #1 with multiple NFL sources stating Allen will be the pick whilst other stating Darnold. If it’s Darnold then I think the first 5 picks fall into place barring a trade out by the Giants.

Are the Browns thinking Allen might still be their at #4 and that would offer big value on Barkley at #1?

It might pan out like this in that circumstance:

#1 Barkley (Browns)
#2 Darnold (Giants or someone trades up)
#3 Mayfield (Jets)
#4 Allen (Browns)

Would Allen still be available at #4 if Browns don’t take him at #1. The Giants won’t want him at #2 and the Jets will have Darnold and Mayfield ahead of him on their draft board.

Seems so risky to make that sort of gamble if the Browns really are high on Allen. You like a QB that much, surely take the guy at 1.01. Taking Barkley first overall and missing out on their favoured QB would be the worst thing the Browns have ever done in a draft, and that’s saying something.


After all the bluffs and double bluffs, I still think they take Darnold 1 - and then either Chubb or Barkley with their other pick as at least one of those will still be available

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Unless they do have Allen and Darnold with the same draft grade. They will actually have a metric against each player.

It comes down to risk over reward. If they take Barkely at #1, unless there is a trade then Allen should be there at #4.

Don’t think it will happen though as I think as Jon says they will take Darnold at 1. The risk with Allen is too much with his accuracy and I don’t think their fanbase would be to happy with the pick of Allen.

As with the NFL draft most of the best bets are very short price. If Darnold is the pick some value in these (Allen at #1 would scupper the first 2):

  1. Darnold #1, Barkley #2 (3/2 Sky)
  2. QB’s taken picks 1, 2 ,3 NO ((4/7 PP)
  3. Baker Mayfield taken 1-15 (1/5 Sky)
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That 1/5 shot on Mayfield 1-15 should be a max bet really



I do wonder if someone trades with the Giants and takes him at #2

Is also 2/5 to be taken picks 1-10

Sam Darnold to be drafted 1st overall, Saquon Barkley 2nd overall and Baker Mayfield 3rd overall11/2 Ladbrokes

Saquon Barkley to be drafted by the NY Giants 8/5 Ladbrokes

Baker Mayfield to be drafted by the NY Jets 11/10 Ladbrokes

Still think 4/9 on Allen going after pick 1 is great value Bet365

Looks like Mayfield might go no 1 pick now so ignore 1 and 3

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Some good ones there. Nice odds on the first one