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I Know The Score / Euros France 2016 - Winner Takes All‏‏

Hi there,

I Know the Score (IKTS) is the talkSPORT football predictor game which is both easy to play and will keep you and your friends entertained throughout the France 2016 Euros.

I have created a private money league on the game (to make it interesting). It’s £10 entry a person and as the league name suggests the winner takes all the money.

Register or log in to the game by visiting: predictor.talksport.com

Once on the game site and registered (or logged in if already a member) use the league name and code at the bottom of this post to join my private mini league.

If you join up - just reply to this post to say what your username is in the league.

Please pay your entry fee to me in cash or via Pay-Pal. My Pay Pal link: paypal.me/BLUELIONMAN

When using Pay Pal make sure to pay in GBP and select sending money to a friend to avoid Pay Pal taking out extra fees. If you are paying from outside the UK then you need to make sure you pick up any conversion fee’s Pay Pal may charge (shouldn’t be much) to make sure I still end up with the full £10 to keep the prize pot correct.

Please don’t be put off as this game is real easy - all the fixtures for each stage of the Euros are listed in blocks (First Round A, B, C, Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Final). All you do is just enter in the scores you think the games will be. Naturally the Round of 16 fixtures and beyond won’t show yet until it’s known what teams are involved but you just make sure you log back in after the first round stages are done to enter in the scores for those later games and beyond when they appear. Last but not least don’t forget to play your banker and insurance tokens on each block of games for extra points. That’s it… you can do it one block at a time or do all the first 3 group stages in advance - right now (so you don’t forget) and up until each individual game starts you can go back and change your mind as much as you wish.

All the scoring rules can be found here: Predictor help

Lastly any entries not paid for once the tournament starts I will delete from my league and then confirm what the prize is for the eventual winner (basically number of teams in league x £10). Please show this information to any friends, work colleagues or family members you think that might like to take part as more the merrier as far as I am concerned (and bigger the prize fund will be).

Best regards,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)

Name of my league: WINNER TAKES ALL

Code to join this league: FD6C3-PON

Well this game did not seem to capture peoples imagination as I only ended up with 3 entrants (had 13 in the Premier League version for season just finished before it). However am very pleased to announce yours truly won it… so I’ll take it as a wins a win! Screen shot of final table below and for those who prefer a longer IKTS game I will be doing the Premier League version of this game again for the forth coming 2016/17 season. So look out for details in the TFP Fantasy Games section soon.

bluelionman wins £30 - Winner Take All