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Half price NFL jerseys on Nike site

The Nike Store is doing a 50% discount on NFL jerseys at the moment. I ordered myself a Watt and Romo jersey (making that 4 of each in my collection now… erm… I guess I want to keep a couple pristine and free of nacho crumbs and beer spills).

Use the discount code NFL50 when you put the items in your basket.

Really good shout, cant believe they have no Orleans in medium lol

Just ordered myself the redskins away jersey for a total of £39.50, a saving of at least 20 British bucks, thanks. I don’t know about anybody else but I think yanks must all be tall, the NFL gear fits well across the chest but it is always way too long… A wee trip to the tailor may be required to change it from a dress to a top ; )

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If you’re quick, there are a few bargains on the Nike store. NFL jerseys have been reduced to half price, but the 50% off NFL50 voucher code still works too - so you can actually get a jersey for £17.50 at the moment. Though I expect by tomorrow they’ll “fix” this.


A bit of a bargain! (I don’t think there there are any Texans or Cowboys jerseys left for me to bother buying.)

Was tempted to get a Lions jersey but the Jags one just looks quite nice. Sadly Cecil Shorts III (now a Texan!) was only available in NFL super large Large so I went for the number 51 of Paul “He sounds a bit Polish” Posluszny.

Nice one Adam, as it turns out the skins top I thought I bought from here several weeks ago never arrived, I traced back my paypal and bank account looking for signs of payment but could not find any, I also could not find any sign of email confirmation. Basically I think the order failed. Now however the price has halfed again… This time the order has gone through and my skins jersey bought for our US trip later this year is only £22 delivered! : )


I can’t believe I missed this - what was I doing - alas there all full price now (£70) but if any one spots an offer like this again in the off season give me a nudge if you not seen me post on the thread about it (to make sure I caught it). Cheers.

I was on the ball with this offer.

Went onto the website when I learned of the discount code as I wanted an orange Manning Broncos jersey in medium. They only had XL,so I was making regular checks to see if the medium was restocked.

I went onto the website on the day they cut the prices, noticed that they were £35. I tested the code to get an additional 50% off, so bought two Andrew Luck shirts in medium, the white Manning in medium and then I thought ‘aww sod it, I might as well’ and bought the XL orange Manning shirt. Plan to have the orange shirt put up in a frame alongside an autograph when I get around to it.

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