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Gutted! We won't get McCourty

Just when I thought the Skins had a good chance of poaching a superb safety in Davin McCourty he re-signs with the Pats (dammit!).

Gordon keeps on telling me that the Skins need to improve their O-line in order to protect RGIII and although I agree to a certain point I am even more worried about our defensive backs. The likes of Meriweather and Thomas just don’t do it for me.

Let’s see what the draft brings but it would have been good to get somebody with experience.

If I recall correctly fella the Skins were poor in yardage allowed last season but strangely had a good record in defending thrown TD’s, is that correct? I seem to recall hearing that.

You’re the stats-man, so I’ll believe you but I just remember the awful game we watched together at the Carlsberg bar (Skins @ Giants) where Larry Donnell had his break-out game and made our corner backs look awful - especially Breeland lol

That was a good night but a terrible game, that annoying Scottish bloke behind us was amazingly annoying… I’m allowed to say that! ; )

I cant find any info on the stat now, I recalled from in game commentary last season.

I do agree, you do also need safety’s but you have trade bait in Helu to pick up an experienced safety if there is nothing left in FA. Also, if you go OL, OL, FS, SS in the first 4 rounds of the draft then that would get you covered pretty well albeit as you say with inexperienced rookies.