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Gotta have TRUST

I am now beginning to see why NFLUK wished us to move off of their forum - I am shocked that it seems others out there see fit to rip off their fellow sports fans and fantasy game players - here’s some posts on NFLUK that I have seen from people claiming they never got paid out in their various NFL money leagues last year. All I can say is I take great pride in my reputation so all I can say is go with the BLM for ya fanto money games and your be 'right… though when this happens I think it affects everyone who runs money leagues - as the saying goes ‘once bitten twice shy’ - so makes it harder for genuine souls to get punters on board. Now I can’t say one way or the other if these accusations are founded or not - just reporting what I am seeing and shocked none the less. :open_mouth:

eejit101 v yeahbuddy

Luke Cornwell v maddict


Could not agree more fella, the perfect time however for us who play in your leagues to speak up in your favour…

I love your passion and fairness when it comes to these leagues you set up.

You should be rightfully very proud!!

Is that the same Eejit guy that was gonna join our league? I remember him setting up numerous leagues played on Yahoo and a bunch of people from Betfair joining them.

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Yeh actually now that you say it Simon eejit was very active in setting up leagues last year, I recall his name now and yes he was considering joining Noel’s league.

I guess now we know why!

Know why - why he didn’t join my league or why he was setting up his own?

To think he asked me to move my live draft to Midlands or Manchester to be more fair - er nope it’s my league so I get the right to host where I want and people buy in on that basis or don’t - lucky for me people was willing to travel - he was welcome to set up his own event live but seems he did not. Just as some guys from Jersey do their own to be honest once every 5 years I fancy taking my draft on the road - I see a perfect place to host in Jersey when I was there but not sure peeps would be willing - however cross that bridge down the line. Back to eejit - he has also put his name down for my new £200 IDP live draft league but I don’t believe he will cough up if he has ripped peeps off as I can’t see him showing his face at any NFL live events where he might bump into NFL peeps who played in his leagues.

setting up his own… he set up a lot, maybe not quite as many as you but I’d never seen him do it before and certainly not to that scale.

Clearly bad character if it is indeed true

I hate people like this recently got ripped off by a jerk in publishing there’s no way he will stump up the money to the idp league.
Mostly because of what he has already done to others…