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First expert draft board is in

I have copied a picture of the first expert draft board for the coming 2015 season…
Now we can see how my thought process compares to there’s…
Also I’m proud to say I was ahead if them this year…
So here’s the list!!

Well other than order top five picks the same !!
I have to be honest and say leseans move to buffalo worries me and in another article I will explain why and he moves down my list but for the moment let’s leave it as is.
Calvin Johnson at six fantasy fans will not be risking the house on that I think…
Rob at seventh what planet would you do that !!
However what you can see is the picks are all there in a different order…
Interestingly both c j Anderson Thomas have slipped even in this list because of the uncertainty of peytons situation…they have eight wide receivers going in the top twenty picks our league showed that 12 out 16 picks first round were running back 2 were QB and 1 TE and 1 WR…
I think we can all see this is not a great expert list but what do I know…
I think most leagues running backs are gold dust if you remember my analysis from last year.
It’s interesting to see beckham at 12 by draft that will be higher I’m sure…
Remember my list store it away and barring injuries or odd moves you will look at it nearer the draft and think good work Sean.
Or throw it in my face…

Sorry Sean, I always like your work but I cant talk openly and honestly about the draft until its done. That’s quite weird to some I’m sure but I’m just super competitive and consider my 8th place of last season to be quite a disappointment. I also believe study (which I love) to be done to give me an edge. The draft to me is like a new type of poker, nobody should know what’s coming until its out there for all to laugh at ; )

If you wanna talk defence I’m well up for that!


I’m already playing poker lol and I know your bounce back !!

Draft strategy for the first 2-3 rounds doesn’t really exist - you just take the best player available (which is usually pretty obvious), perhaps with a bit of variation on whether you go RB/RB, WR/RB, RB/QB, or any other combination. So I wouldn’t be so secretive about discussing it Gordon :smile:

Where research pays off is in the 4th or 5th round and beyond, where you can pick out the lesser known players.

I agree and I would go as far as to say no one ever wins the whole thing in the draft but boy can you lose it…
Also latter round picks are the key…anyone can pick the best!!

No disrespect lads, I appreciate what your saying but how you pick in the early rounds dictates how you go the rest of the way… for you and in some way others as well. In my mind the early rounds are not just a lineup, if it was I would prob not play because that would just be boring to me.

As they say valid point !!

Each to their own guys

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It seems to me that my point of view on discussing draft placements might have been taken rather more seriously than intended. Sean has become a good friend since last years draft and my friends and I share apposing views on things all the time. I am also a big fan of his fact finding and contributions to the league. I may not dig the notion of discussing draft placements pre draft with draft opponents but I certainly did not intend to offend Sean or anybody else. In fact by adding my opinion I thought I was contributing to his thread and nothing more.

So with that said please continue to discuss as you please guys. Apologies if my opinion came over bigger than intended.



This is always an awkward time - I’m still totally interested in NFL (both real and fantasy) but we’re all feeding on scraps at this time of year. So I’m always happy to pick up on one of Sean’s posts.

Even numbered years I can normally distract myself with a World Cup or an Olympic games to see me through the summer, but odd numbered years don’t have the same draw… neither the Cricket World Cup nor the World Junior Curling championships have quite captured my attention yet :wink:

There is Cheltenham I guess but I hear you, its not quite an Olympics or word cup. Would you be interested in going to Cheltenham next year Jon? George has asked the question and it if it got off the ground it would be good to have you on board.

Sounds interesting mate - definitely keep me up to speed if plans get off the ground. I’ve only been once and it was so long ago that I saw Istabraq win one of his Champion Hurdles. What a horse that was!

If 8th place was a disappointment to you then how do you think I feel about 12th :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My new strategy for the next draft is to go QB/QB/K in the first three rounds but it might change if P. Manning decides to retire.

Seriously, bring on the draft in April and let’s see how that can influence the FF draft rankings. I’m going to be watching the draft with Gordon … has he talked about the game he’s going to run while it’s on?

DeMarco Murray: drafted 12th last year, rushes for twelve 100yard games and breaks the Cowboys single season rushing record and is now projected to go 10th. Is everyone that worried about his health or is it more to do with the change of O-Line?

DeMarco Murray probably won’t be playing for the Cowboys next season, so that’s the main reason for his drop. If he does stay, he may also have to contend with other RBs, plus he had so many carries last year that his durability this season will be in question. The feeling is that the Cowboys ran him so much last year knowing they wouldn’t renew his contract.

Great question

My major concern based on logic is the sheer volume of touches last year and history of injuries worry me considerably,
That’s why he is where he is…from a fantasy position your picking tenth he still on the board no one is going to argue with you…could be a first round steal.
However if I’m picking tenth and I’m being honest here I’m not touching him sorry…I would rather let that be someone else’s worry…I may regret it but those are the gambles in fantasy football.
Also that’s why we love it!!

I think he will resign with the cowboys and there is no way they ran him into the ground knowing they were getting rid of him…no it’s simply he was very very successful "feed the best player and give them seconds"
I have my spies in Dallas I will be shocked if they don’t keep him!!

Maybe I’m against the experts on this one, but if he’s still on the board and I’m picking at 6/7 its going to be hard to pass :slight_smile:

that being said I haven’t had time to regress his carries to the mean, factor in his receiving, and do my proper projections for next year so I could easily change my mind!