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First ever Dynasty Draft

So the reason i’m not joining in Neol’s cool looking auction league is coz I already signed up for my 2nd and last league this coming season. It’s a 16 team IDP/PPR league on myfantasyleague.com which offers new levels of complexity, just what I like : )

The problem is… The draft started last Saturday at 8am (6 days ago) and we are currently on round 23 with 50 rounds in total lol. I got to say the research factor that is required at this depth is exactly what I enjoy tho even I have to say its going on a bit long now…

What sort of team do you have so far!!

A shower of idiots…

I’m in my first dynasty league this season as well - and also using myfantasyleague.com
It is offensive skill players only, 25 man rosters, and has a superflex position allowing a second QB, which really bumps up the QB value in the draft. My roster is at: http://football21.myfantasyleague.com/2015/options?L=65553&O=07&F=0002

Loved some of the features such as trading draft picks for other picks, for players, or even for next year’s picks! I had to revalue all the players : compared to our standard league all the QBs and WRs and rookies were higher up the list. Some of the other players’ picks baffled me, so I guess we were all improvising different approaches to our draft boards…

Would be interested to see your line up mate!

Like you, I am in Noel’s big league plus a dynasty league. But I am going to join one more. Tentatively in either a Chiefs fan club league or a local Southampton league - but if they dont pan out, I will be dipping my toes into Noel’s auction league…

I would happily share my lineup mate but it includes several key/ potential sleepers that I’m praying for once is not spilled out into the public domain by the so called experts weeks or months after I jotted it down lol. No point in having a potential sleeper or two and then telling folks about it. Do I take it all too serious? Lol

I agree that a lot of the features on that site are great. In our first year dynasty we have 100 years worth of contracts to spread across all 40 roster players. I say 40 because depending on draft strategy you can plan for the future by picking up to 10 rookies and basically stashing them in the taxi squad which is basically a contract free holding area. It all gets tricky if you have big names looking for contract renewals at the same time so thought has to be given at the start.

To be fair I did not check your link dude, I assume your team is nothing like what you plan to draft in august?

Yeah my team will be very different in August - for instance there are some 30 year old players who I’d happily grab in a 1 season only redraft league, bit who I wouldn’t consider inthe dynasty format. Also because the dynasty league format is QB heavy I drafted 3 QBs in the first 8 rounds, which I definitely won’t be doing in August! I have no problem with you taking a look at my line up as there are no special secrets or sleepers!!

That looks like a nice draft Jon, good luck with it chap!

In my dynasty league I got 3rd overall pick, my god there is some pressure at that spot. I took Bell but would probably not do so in our re-draft league due to his current knee ailment and suspension this season. Its not that my team is full of sleepers, certainly not but there are 2 or 3 on the offensive side of the ball. Its more to do with the fact that my dynasty draft would be a clear indication of what my redraft would look like.