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Fantasy Football 2017: 32 Team Mock Draft Challenge


Interesting to see how much scraping the barrel was going on in those late rounds and actually I think you came out of it with a great team.

What I found very unrealistic though was that 0 quarterbacks were drafted in the first round. I guess it’s just a limitation of the mock draft simulator but with that amount of position scarcity I would confidently expect some to have gone in round 1 and double figures within the first 2 rounds. Guess you can only draft with what’s in front of you thoug, and I would definitely be happy having Andrew Luck and Devonta Freeman in a 32 team league.

48 teams next time then…?


Cheers Jon,

Yeah good point but I guess if you take a QB in the 1st who is your first RB/WR they could be awful?

We were happy, it’s a right old challenge doing a 32 man, it really tests your knowledge.

Never seen a 32 man draft before. Would work best as a best ball type format perhaps. I think you almost have to pencil in certain positions at certain points. I think the best player available approach goes out of the window. If you hadn’t taken a QB by R.5 there was not much left same for TE by R.8.

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Yeah you both make good points you would need to lock certain positions in. It’s a test of depth of knowledge to see if you can see anyone with any kind of value in the later rounds. When you get down to pick 400 it’s a complete lottery.