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Fan Pub Fun League weekly update thread

Wins for Albion Panthers, Grecian Toffee Bengals, Kicker Conspiracy, Otley Road Patriots, Southampton Sprouts, Ultimate Spinach and Zeke will be a big Hit, to get this league started

Biggest score 128.25 by the Otley Road Patriots
Biggest winning margin 30.75 by my Southampton Sprouts
Smallest winning margin 6.15 by Zeke (I was tracking this one - Ain’t got a Kalou was way behind but had lots of Monday night players… Got closer and closer but the Rams performance just let Daniel’s team down in the end)

2 teams out at the first hurdle (me, picking the Colts, and Chris, picking the Saints).
It was nearly week 1 carnage, as 9 people picked the Seahawks who came from behind very late on. But 12 of you survive to pick a different team for week 2

Cheers all, Jon

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Good start to the league, a few trades about tonight also. Enjoy leagues a lot more when trades can be made, think trade activity has really stopped over the last couple of years.

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Glad you’re enjoying it!
Yep, always good to get at least a few trades going through. Tricky to find the right balance to get people to trade in a league, glad to see we’ve had a couple already

Aye I made the trade for Sammy Watkins then found out about his foot fs, between that and losing Keenan Allen in just about every other league Im having a mare of a first week…but i still love it lol. Anyone try draftkings? I played $12 worth of games to see what the craic was and got back $40, its fun

Joined up when it was first launched but only really started playing DraftKings this week. Similarly I played with about 33 dollars and came out with 20. Oops … I’m doing this wrong aren’t I? :joy:

Needless to say it has all gone back in this week! My team looks a world beater! (I imagine all entrants say that, hehe) I do enjoy the poker room feel of the site.

Anyway, back to the League and I am hoping for a Super Cam show this week and a Dez Bryant revival–hmm will this week show a different Josh Norman?

It’s amazing how much pre-season optimism can change your mood on your roster after a first week defeat. The doubting, the sleepless nights, the cold sweats.

Wouldn’t have it any other way. :sunglasses:

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Yeah Connor, several people on here play DraftKings - @Superstar and @Alan_Feelers among them. They tend to set up a weekly NFL mini league for 8-10 of us on here. I play too but am on holiday at the mo so will join in from about week 4. Hope you can join us!

I’ve actually dropped Ryan Fitzmagic, in favour of Jay Cutler, so I will watch at least some of tonight’s game, praying that he doesn’t have too good a game! Very glad to be 1-0 in this game, 2-0 would be even sweeter!

There is a draftkings comp on the discord app. It’s 10 us dollarso if you want in. Everyone is welcome

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Awesome. I’ll play that each week. Sent a message on the discord app. Cheers.

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Biggest score 130.55 by Sean’s Bi Polar Bears
Biggest winning margin a whopping 55.35 by Bite my Shiny Metal Defence
Smallest winning margin a tiny 2.45 by the Bi Polar Bears (Chris was so unlucky, getting the third highest score of the week, but facing an in form opponent)

Albion Panthers, Kicker Conspiracy, Otley Road Patriots and Zeke will be a big Hit all make it to 2 wins out of 2 !

All 12 players who survived week 1, also survived week 2 ! (Nine picked the Panthers, two the Pats, and a single player was sweating on the Ravens after they went 20-0 down against the Browns…). Can you get a 100% record in week 3, or will somebody fall by the way…?


The numbers are being whittled down - three people fell by the wayside this week (two picking the Cardinals, one the Steelers).
It was nearly a lot worse as lots of people picked the Dolphins who only narrowly scraped past Cleveland in overtime. As it is, nine players have survived to reach week 4. It gets extra tough from here, as bye weeks are kicking in, so you have even fewer teams to choose from…

Good luck to all who are left!


Biggest score: 127.3 by the Grecian Toffee Bengals
Biggest winning margin: 57.15, again by the Bengals
Smallest winning margin: 0.55 by Andy’s Tight Ends - wow, that is harsh on Ultimate Spinach :anguished:

If I’ve done my sums right, nobody has a perfect 3 and 0 record, and there are eight teams all tied with 2 and 1 - absolutely all to play for!
Chris’ Ultimate Spinach team are the top scorers in the league but that is only good enough for a 1 and 2 record.

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The Cardinals are the villains again this week - they eliminated two players last week, and they knocked out Connor this time around. He was the only one to go out this time, so we have 8 players still in the game as we reach week 5: even more byes and even fewer teams to choose from!!

Biggest score this week, 130.1 by the Otley Road Patriots
Biggest winning margin was 31.9 points for Suh Tang Clan - hey, not very nice of you to give the commissioner a beating like that…!
Smallest margin, if my maths is right, is a tie: Kicker Conspiracy and Albion Panthers both won by exactly 17.1 points :relaxed:

I think we have a 5 way tie at the top of the overall league table, with a 3&1 record. At the wrong end we are still waiting for Michael’s team Keep Calm and Megatron to get off the mark…

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No surprise that the Patriots were the popular pick against the hapless Browns. Seven people picked them and cruised through to next week.
Shane was the only player who had already used the Pats, so he relied on the Eagles instead - who let him down badly. Another one bites the dust. Seven players left in the game!

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Biggest score this week, 144.95 by Sean’s Bi Polar Bears - a great score, the highest so far this season

Biggest winning margin, unsurprisingly was also the Bears - winning by 58.95

The smallest winning margin was a tiny 2.1 points for Ultimate Spinach - it’s fair enough I think, as Chris’ team has had a couple of agonisingly narrow defeats so this evens things up a little

The Bi Polar Bears are now level at the top with Ian’s Kicker Conspiracy team at 4-1. Six more teams just a game behind.

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So annoyed the Eagles let me down! Thought they would be a banker after the start they have had, and then a bye week as well for a nice break, ah well!


Some shock results this weekend have whittled the numbers right down… we had seven players left: but 3 picked the Steelers, who crashed against the Dolphins, while 1 more went for the Packers who were a poor second to the Cowboys. This means only 3 players are now left:

  • Ian J, manager of Kicker Conspiracy
  • Ian W, manager of Grecian Toffee Bengals
  • Daniel C, manager of Otley Road Patriots

Best of luck in week 7, gents!
By the way, hopefully we will be left eventually with one of you standing and two eliminated - but if everyone goes out in the same week then the NFL website has a way of tie-breaking who did best - http://survivor.fantasy.nfl.com/rules - I will go with the finishing order given by the website to be fair to all.

Biggest score this week - 114.4 by the Otley Road Patriots

Biggest winning margin was by the Albion Panthers, who crushed Aint Got a Kalou by over 60 points

And the smallest winning margin was 2.4 points, as Andy’s Tight Ends scraped to a narrow victory

With their win against the commissioner (booo!) Kicker Conspiracy are now clear in first place with a 5 - 1 record, with five other teams only a game back at 4 - 2.


We are down to a battle of Ians…!
The Otley Road Patriots exited the game agonisingly, as the Falcons threw away a 17 point lead to go down to the Chargers. Ian J and Ian W are left in the game. Week 8 could be the trickiest yet as there are 6 teams on byes, as well as the teams you can’t pick as you have already chosen them in a previous week. Best of luck !!

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