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Fan Pub Fun 2018 - draft comments thread

Afternoon all !
Not long till the draft, 7:30 tonight. As with previous years, I have scribbled down my pre-draft thoughts of how I intend to approach this one. I will post them on here as soon as the draft finishes - then after that I will be online for a little while if anyone wants to discuss how they think their own - or anyone else’s - draft went.


Link to survivor game

http://survivor.fantasy.nfl.com/group/49101 password randymoss

Hmmm, not sure how to approach this one (and need to get my head in this league, after spending most of yesterday drafting in the TFP Originals league with completely different settings and scoring…!)

First things first, I don’t think I’ve done tight ends any favours. Adding the superflex spot will make QBs popular, adding the points per reception and points per carry will help WRs and RBs – but most TEs are touchdown dependent, and that is something I have not adjusted at all. There are plenty of so-so tight ends, so I will take two in the last two rounds.
And although this league boosts kicker and defence scoring, they are still fairly random factors, so I will slot in a D in round 11, and a K in round 12. Four rounds sorted, this is easy !!

The top 10 rounds could be trickier, I’m not clear just how fast quarterbacks will fly off the board. I reckon I want to get 3 QBs, 3 RBs and 4 WRs, but the order is tricky. Plan A will be to get a non-QB stud in round 1, then good QBs in rounds 2 and 3. Then I will aim to get three or four more non-QBs, before getting my third QB in around 8 or 9. Obviously if I am drafting at the end of round 1, and a dozen QBs have already gone, the plan might change a little!!

QB: Would love to get Aaron Rodgers. But I am sure he will go round 1 in this format, and that’s just too high a price. If I can get, say, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, that would do really nicely – I could maybe then take a chance with a rookie QB later on.

RB: Wonder what the reaction will be to the overnight Jerick McKinnon news? I’d be tempted to bump Alfred Morris up to a top 25 RB, or get Matt Brieda as my second or third RB. One of the top 3 studs would be awesome if the draft order is kind to me – I haven’t got any of those 3 on any of my assorted fantasy teams this summer.
Other than that, Derrick Henry, Kenyan Drake and Jay Ajayi are all guys I like, and that I think I can grab after the initial quarterback feeding frenzy.

WR: Keenan Allen or Michael Thomas – I think they have the chance to get top WR points, at a fair bit less cost than OBJ or Antonio Brown. Will be keeping an eye out for Devin Funchess or Marquise Lee a few rounds later. And maybe a late grab of Keelan Cole before I turn my attention to the late round kickers, defences and tight ends.

Writing this 3 hours before the draft. It’ll probably all turn out VERY different!!

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@Alan_Feelers grabbing both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady - playing superflex like a boss!!

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Darn… really like Bite My Shiny Metal Defence - and that’s who I’ve got week 1 :tired_face:

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so I’m back to drafting last, im use to that I couldn’t go a whole Fantasy season without the last pick once.
So my hope was people might not read the rules. It’s a superflex league you need qbs they are kings here.
As the draft started the normal picks in roughly the usual adp went of the board then Alan takes Rodgers. Dam how many others would now go well surprisingly no more. I grabbed hopkins and Watson in a stack. I would have gone Tyrik Hill and Mahones at the next two spots but ian napped hill. So I went freeman and Hilton who in my view is vastly under appreciated this year.
Qbs were flying at this point. I grabbed Black Bortles and Cohen the running back to cement the team build. Luckily on the bounce back will Fuller was still out there a unique double stack. Ok I have a lot of players on bye week ten but that’s a long time in fantasy.
Grabbing the top kicker zeurlien was a massive stroke of luck at the point I got him. 3 points for pats with that offence seems a no brainer. Generally team is stacked with talent and I took a punt on Lamar Jackson. If he gets on the field it’s Fantasy gold.
In my humble view tight ends are worthless in this league as no extra edge are given to them. If people don’t realise this they might go early giving me more players I should not get. I wish I could have grabbed Mahones but without hill I just wouldn’t do it at that stage I was looking for the double double stack.
quarterbacks are king in this league and kickers have sneaky upside.
Last years rules I failed to plan this year i was ready.

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I had to go with a different strategy boom or bust players just need to know when to.play them and when not to! Happy with my WR collection Allen Evans Gordon Gallup and Rosd

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Good stuff as always Sean.

Been interesting to see your committment to a few key players (Corey Clement, Mike Gesicki, Royce Freeman, Greg Zuerlein) right through the summer. I try to spread the risk around my teams, but you will sink or swim based on how they do :+1: Best of luck!

Yeah, cool WRs. Let’s hope for your sake Dalton doesn’t fall flat on his ass week 1 like he did in 2017 :laughing:

Interesting to see if Jimmy Graham has a long overdue pro bowl year

QB’s - I thought they’d go early but not a quick fire as it turned out. Had to play the long game and hope for Matt Ryan to have a bounce back year - the Super Bowl is in his stadium after all? Flacco has something to prove and there wasn’t much else choice at that point…

WR’s - somehow Brown fell to me at #9. Wanted a round 1 RB but couldn’t overlook AB. Jeffrey is injured but at the end of round 9 he is certainly worth a shot. Stills and Watkins could have big weeks, just pure luck if they are in my starting roster those weeks…!

RB’s - difficult to not take Keenan Allen round 2 but I too often go WR, WR so took Freeman the Drake (homer pick). Peterson is a shot in the dark and Lat Murray is a stash.

TE - in all honesty my draft lobby cut out so Ertz was an auto pick. Just glad it didn’t pick up McKinnon. Ebron as a back up because Luck love TE’s, right?!

K - Matt Bryant - I’ve heard of him!

D - Jags. Let’s go!

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I had it in my mind that I would try and draft my QB in round 1 if I was a mid to low-ish number. Was thinking Aaron Rodgers, Brees or Russell Wilson at this point. However, when I was given pick 4 I couldn’t pass up on one of the top 5 studs so taking Ezekiel Elliott seemed like a good play. I almost went for Kamara but reverted back to Zeke.

Then Rodgers went off the board and so now I am thinking Al has opened the floodgates so with my next pick not coming until 25th I might miss out on one of my remaining top QB targets. More than happy that Drew Brees was still there as the QB scramble had really begun.

In round 3 I took AJ Green. Pleased that a tier 2 receiver was still available following the previous mad rush for QB’s.

Round 4 came along and I was looking at another RB for one of the flex spots. Jay Ajayi ticked the boxes and so grabbed him here, despite a lingering injury niggle I really like him this year.

Rounds 5, 6 and 7 I went for Smith-Schuster as another WR option, then decided to take Delanie Walker then Carlos Hyde. I had every important position covered now and was starting to think about a 2nd QB option but most of the good stuff had now gone.

So, in round 8 I took a bit of a flyer on Sam Darnold.

Filled the other starting spots with a round 10 pick up of the Chargers D, who allowed the fewest points last season so was pleased with this. Other defences were being picked up around these rounds so seemed a nice time to jump in with what should hopefully be a safe pick.

Waited until the 12th round for my kicker, really hoped to grab Will Lutz here but he went 3 picks I think before my time on the clock. Harrison Butker was my next choice so took him instead.

Played out the late rounds with some rookie flyers in James Washington and Courtland Sutton.

Now time to try and defend my WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Good luck all.

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Not quite sure what I thought to that! Had all this positivity and then boom just went as each round went by

Did not expect QBs to fly off like they did either, still cant believe how quick they went even now

So my draft went as follows - picking #1 was amazing and awesome, until you realise your 2nd pick isn’t until 28

With a name like Barkley’s Boyz, and being a Ginats fan, I couldn’t turn down my boy at #1 overall, a reach yes, but he’s a guy off my team, a guy ive watched through college, and a guy vie raved about since day 1 so had to take him. Behind him its pretty dire! Took Jamaal Williams hoping he will be the guy with the most work load in Green Bay, follows by Booker and Kelley

At TE decided to grab Gronk early on and his back up will be Kittle a young TE I’m quite high on this season so very happy with the TE positions

WR is an interesting one, Baldwin is a great pick, but he is carrying a knock so hopefully that wont cause him too much bother in the season, Goodwin I was surprised and over the moon was still there and seemed to have a great connection with Jimmy G last season, hope that continues! Also picked up rookie DJ Moore who I’m quite high on in Carolina and then Sterling Shepard who will see a reduced work load with OBJ back and then Engram and SB in the mix but think he could do enough to be on the bench and step in on bye weeks and for injuries.

Now QB, I was kinda of left with not a lot I felt, so I took Goff earlier than I’d have taken a QB, how good a season he will have god only knows in all honest with Gurley being the main guy in that offence, then I opted to take Taylor as a back up, guy that I think is very underrated, doesn’t turn the ball over often, but he is playing for the Browns…

ST wise I took Gant as my K and Saints on D - most the D i wanted were gone, was Saints or Panthers, opted for the Saints for a couple different reasons - mainly Jordan, Lattimore and the potential Davenport could have if he can get on the field this season

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when do you get a chance to dictate your strategy like I have this summer having high picks I’m all in on certain guys however I have a lot of depth everywhere so if the Fantasy gods are with me should have a fun year.

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Having played Superflex before, I knew the value of QBs, and with picking 13th of 14, my initial intention was to start QB-QB. Although with Fournette still on the board, I couldn’t pass on him, and I then took whichever one of Wilson/Watson Sean didn’t pick, for the rebound (Wilson, as it turned out).

Being WR-less until pick 41, I was very pleased that Hill fell to me, as he can deliver WR1 numbers. The same as in the live draft, I went for the Eagles double-up of Wentz-Foles, meaning 3 early QBs chosen. With that in mind, I was pleased Ingram fell to me as well. Whilst Wentz & Ingram will miss the start of the season, I’m already thinking about who will be in my starting line-up in December.

Beyond that, I got pair of experienced WRs in DT & Garcon, and a pair of PPR-compatible pass-catching RBs in DukeJ & C.Thompson. For positional differentials, I was also very pleased to grab the most accurate kicker in the game in Tucker, and the fearsome Super Bowl winning Eagles DEF.

I won this league in 2016, then finished off the pace in 2017. I now feel very well prepared to reclaim my crown in 2018!!


Let’s hope sink

My teams studs are in the QB’s. rest of the team contains no real studs so I’ll be hoping I’ve got qb1 and qb2 or I’m up shit creek

R1 - whatever position I was going to get, plan was to take the best RB or WR available, Gurley at 3, more than happy with that.
R2 - best available QB, was hoping for someone like Cam…happy enough with Cousins.
R3 - I love Howard this year, so more than happy to take him here.
R4 - best available QB, not overly keen on Smith, but best of what was left.
R5 - best WR available, Hoping Larry can reproduce last years numbers.
R6 - happy with Jones as a 2nd WR
R7 & R10 - not sure why I ended up with 2 TEs (Engram & Burton) hopefully one of them blows up.
R8 - Not sure what to expect with Michel, never trust Pats RBs, but well worth chancing in the 8th
9th - Wanted a 3rd QB…Ended up with Bradford :nauseated_face: Not my proudest moment.
R11 & R13 - Baltimore D & Robbie Gould :woman_shrugging: Highest left at the position
R12 & R14 - Montgomery & Mike Williams, happy with these here. Hoping Williams can take A Hige step up this year.

Really enjoyed the draft. Don’t do too many SF leagues, so great to see how people valued QBs


R1 - Was hoping Rodgers or Gordon would last but alas neither did, BPA for me was between Julio and OBJ and would rather route for OBJ than the Falcons!
R2 - Debated Brady and was hoping for Cook but ultimately went BPA left in Julio
R3 - Suprised to see so many QB’s disappear by this point, I’d have loved Tyreek Hill if I hadn’t already taken WR back to back and no RB jumped out at me value wise so I jumped on the QB band wagon and took Big Ben
R4 - Needed to take a RB soon and Henry is a guy I liked so seemed an easy pick at this point.
R5 - Missed Cooks still being on the board, Robinson seemed like reasonable value at this point and gave me some trade fodder/a flex option if QB goes badly
R6 - Knew I needed to address QB here as the last 3 options that I was considering (Eli, Dalton and Keenum) wouldn’t last until my next pick so I took my favourite out of the 3.
R7 - Lots of RB’s I liked and not long until my next pick so I took a Olsen who should be good for a fair few receptions
R8 - Picked my favourite remaining RB in Burkhead who should be good for a good number of receptions and was good value at this point for me
R9 - Not happy with RB depth compared to WR so needed to double up, talent should win out longer term over Barber I think
R10 - Again back to the RB well, Chubbs a very talent player I think so if he gets enough work then will be a good value
R11 - Needed 4 WR’s to feel comfortable all year and Jordy i think still has plenty left in the tank
R12 - Knew I was leaving the Def/K until last and Martin was the highest RB on my board, I’ve ended up with him a lot as he’s a talented dude if he can pull the off-field stuff together
R13 - Defense first and the Buc’s have a loaded front 7 so should be plenty of pressure without having to worry about points conceeded for the tough opening schedule.
R14 - Aaron Rodgers should be good for plenty of touchdowns so i’ll happily take his kicker

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Cheers guys - appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

I love using this league to tweak scoring and roster settings each year, so that people can’t just rely on standard industry ADP lists - it sets a real challenge, and people always find different ways to approach it. (and I’m always open to new variations for future seasons, if you want to DM me with your wild ideas…)

Now for the actual season - and I’ve already got a couple of headaches about which players to start!!
Best of luck everyone…