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ESPN Fantasy Rugby Union World Cup 2015‏


Well the NFL season has just started and now so does the other game with an egg shaped ball. This is a free game ESPN is doing over the internet (click the link below) but I always think it’s more interesting to have a little money riding on sports events especially big ones like this. So as you can make up your own private leagues with in this game I have done just that.

My private league I have decided will be just £5 entry per team (payable to me in cash or via Pay Pal) which will create the prize pool for this leagues top 2 at the end of the game paid out as follows:

1st - 70%
2nd - 30%

The reason for percentages is the prizes are determined by the number of teams entered but all money will go back out as prizes (so please share a link to this info with anyone you feel might like to join us as the more teams that join the bigger the prize for the eventual winners - so please do get busy getting any friends of yours to join that want in - as first game starts this coming Friday)!

All entrants to have paid by the start of the 2nd round of games - any one that has not will be removed from my league and barred from entry to any fantasy sports money games I run for a period of 1 year.

Web Site: http://fantasyrugby.espn.co.uk/ESPN/en/1/clienthome.do

Here are the details needed to join my private money league:-

League Name: BLM’s Money League
League PIN: **********

If you decide to play - best of luck.


You have until 20:00 (BST) on September 18 2015 to select your team!

Alas - a late person by the name of Tom O’Connor has joined this league on Friday. This being a money league I do not think it’s fair to have late entrants certainly not a few weeks into the tournament and going top to boot. I have learned a lesson - I should have removed the PIN code from this posting (which I have now done) but if the person could remove there team it would be much appreciated.


If not am also contacting ESPN in the hope they can do this as I do not seem to be able to in this game. :-1: