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BLM EUROS 2016 (France) - UK residents only


Internal Super League Rules

Internal Entry Fee - £10 per team / multiple teams welcomed

These are my additional internal Super League rules for the Telegraph’s Fantasy Football European Championships game.

The Telegraph has now released it’s rules for their fantasy game on the Euro’s 2016 in France. Full details can be found via this link:- fantasyfootball.telegraph.co.uk/euros

If after reading the Telegraphs game information / rules and my additional internal Super League rules you wish to play in my ‘BLM EUROS 2016’ Super League then please feel free to sign up and join my Super League on line.

MY SUPER LEAGUES ARE OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WISHES TO PLAY - so if you have any friends or family you think would be interested in playing please show them a copy of this information.

The rules and everything are as the Telegraph print’s them… they run everything… the only difference with this Super League is I am charging £10 extra per team to join my Super League. This internal entry fee is to facilitate making our own cash prizes for the winners in our own Super League and to promote competition within our internal Fantasy Football European Championships Super League.

Please pay your internal entry fee by Pay Pal or in cash (if you see me in person). They are my preferred payment methods. However if neither of those works for you then please contact me for my address and you can send a cheque.

This is my Pay Pal link: paypal.me/BLUELIONMAN

When sending payment by Pay Pal don’t forget to select your just sending money to a friend (to avoid PayPal deducting additional fees which I will then have to chase you to make good on to keep the prize fund correct).

So what exactly do you get for your money -
Well the £10 (per team) internal Super League entry fee goes to make up our own prize fund and is paid back out as prizes at the end of the game as follows:-

Overall Super League Winner (1st) - 40%
Overall Super League Runner-up (2nd) - 20%
Golden Boot (most goals) - 20%
Starting XI table winner - 20%

Quite rightly most prize money is awarded to the overall winner, however there are prizes for the winners of the spin off tables and the 2nd placed team in the overall league! However to make these prizes really worth while we need a big league so I recommend to all of you to recruit work mates and personal friends or enter more than one team yourself - I’ve put two in myself already.

Now the prize positions are given as percentages because the final prize amounts will be affected by the number of entrants I get and if anyone defaults - i.e. some one does not weigh in with payment. However should any one not have paid by the end of the first round of games (so when every team has played it’s first match) any teams still unpaid for will be removed from the league and the owner(s) of said team(s) on a one years ban from any money games I run.

Any tie for prize positions at the end of the tournament will result in an adding together of the prize’s due for those tied positions and then them being split equally between the tying managers. NOTE:- Sometimes in the spin off leagues in the past (Goals etc.) the Telegraph has placed who’s ever higher in the overall league as higher in these spin off leagues when you are tied. In essence it’s their tie-breaker. So in keeping with them I will pay out on the leagues displayed positions so if they list a 1st and 2nd - you are 1st & 2nd. If they list tied teams as joint first then you are tied first and the prize will be split equally as per above rules. The Telegraph make the official game rules and we go by their game rules.

Finally any teams that join my league late (after the start of the tournament) must first appear in the league on zero points. Any that don’t are null and void - no one will be allowed to gain an advantage buy buying multiple teams and then later sticking their best one in. You can have multiple teams in the league but you must pay for them all and take your chances with them - if you get off to a bad start by all means enter more teams but they must start in the league on 0 points. I think you will all agree this is fair and maximizes the chances to get more teams in the league and there by more prize money.

To score points from the start of the tournament you must have registered your team before the first scheduled game - Friday, June 10, 2016 / 20.00 (British Sumer Time).

Please don’t wait and miss out entering a team as up until the kick-off of the first game there is a transfer amnesty in place, so you can change your team formation and players as much as you like prior to the tournaments start and it will not come off of your transfer allocation (which is 26 transfers during the group stage with an amnesty afterwards before the first knock-out match starts at which time a further 20 transfers will then be made available for you to use during the knockout stage of the tournament.).

Well all that remains is to give you the information you need to join my private Super League and say that I hope to see your team in my league soon:

Super League Name:- BLM EUROS 2016
Super League Pin:- 8058874

Best Regards,

bluelionman (aka Noel Symonds)

PS - Apologies if you do not live in the UK as the Telegraph only allows entrants based in the UK - this is because they have a cash prize for the winners so it falls under UK gambling law which means they can only allow residents of the UK to enter - sorry.

Well 51 matches later when all was said and done my fantasy money league was tight - so tight two managers tied for first place so split the winnings. Any ways here are the winners and their exact pay-outs. I can confirm all have been weighed in and at the end of this thread I will finish off posting screen shots of how the various league tables looked at the conclusion of the game.

PS I will be doing a money league on the Telegraph’s Premier League game so look out for details soon if you want to be involved in that.

Actual Pay-out & Winners

=1st - (30%) £66 - MARK PEARSON (514)
=1st - (30%) £66 - RICHARD LEESE (514)

GOLDEN BOOT winner - (20%) £44 - MARK PEARSON (29)
STARTING XI winner - (15%) £44 - KIRK HITCHCOX (329)