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Barry Sanders

Just watching Barry’s football life, this dude has to be the best RB I ever saw!

Certainly was e most fun to watch RB I’ve seen in the 30 years I’ve followed the game and certainly someone you wanted always to do well

Yeh he was a down to earth small town dude with a small attitude, easy to like for sure.

That was a great football life - seen it sometime ago when it was on YouTube before got copyright flagged and removed.

My biggest ever regret was not getting out to Detroit to see him play in person before he quit. He has his own website these days if anyone is interested - I wish he would come over here and do a meet the fans evening or just to promote the game as fans my age and above 40+ would still be keen to meet him plus hear his recollections and get to ask questions just as much as the new fans like seeing and hearing from the current players and rookies.

I actually sent an e-mail via his agent asking if he was still a fan of the Lions and if he would be interested in coming to London for this years Week 8 game. As yet I have not had a reply - don’t totally expect one but if you don’t try right… am sure if he was willing to come over I could get NFLUK London offices get him passes to the game and am sure might be able to get them or Sky to pay his airfare in return for some media appearances. Who knows - I’d defo sort his tickets out on the Lions fan events that are going on - in fact am sure the promoter might be happy to comp him as I bet dropping his name would draw out the fans to attend events he is going to be at.


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