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£100 Dynasty PPR Superflex Startup

Hi All

My first time posting on here in awhile.

I have been thinking about setting up a £100 Dynasty PPR Superflex League with a British influence (although doesn’t have to be all UK based leaguemates). I am in a few dynasty leagues but they are all with mainly US based people and thought it would be interesting to try on here (plus LeagueSafe has made it more difficult for non-US people to join startups).

The rough idea would be:

12 Teams
25 Man Rosters
+5 Taxi Spots (Rookie & 2nd Year Players)
+2 IR Spots (In Season Only)

11 Starters
Number of Starting QBs: 1-2
Number of Starting RBs: 2-5
Number of Starting WRs: 3-6
Number of Starting TEs: 1-4

Passing TDs: 4 points
Passing Yards: .04 points each
Pass Interceptions; -2 points each
Rushing TDs: 6 points each
Rushing Yards: .1 points each
Receiving TDs: 6 points each
Receiving Yards: .1 points each
Receptions: 1 point each
Fumbles Lost: -2 points each

None of the above is set in stone but should give an idea.

I would be looking to run it on MFL as I think it’s far and away the best site for dynasty I have played on.

I have no idea if there will be any/enough interest here, so won’t get in to things like draft date (although the sooner the better!), payout structure etc. The other potential issue would be collecting the money. I have done a couple BLM leagues and paid through Paypal, but he is obviously a trusted name here so would be open to suggestions (should we ever get to that stage).

Anyway, let me guys know what you think. Obviously no worries if nothing can be done, just wanted to check in and see!



Hi Simon,

I love the idea and would join, but your timing is probably awful as we have had two all British dynasty leagues fill, one has drafted completely and one starts Sunday. I would join if you can get enough though.



Hi Al

I just had a look through the Forum and thought the same! Definitely could have timed it better.

Seems to be a slightly higher price point than some of the others though so maybe will appeal to any big hitters out there.

In any case, good to have 2 names down. We’ll see if anything comes of it but thanks for getting back to me.


Count me in

Just dont worry if it takes a little to fill, as Al said there are a few leagues just about to start at the moment

Ok cool.

Yea we’ll see if there’s at least a few maybe’s putting there name down for later and possibly revisit it once the market isn’t so saturated.

Hi Guys

Just giving this a bump.

I fear I may have been a bit late to the party this year, but if anyone else is interested let me know and I can start noting down names.



I am still in,
lots of time until september, hopefully people will get onboard once training camp starts

I’m up for it if we can get enough people

Hi Guys

Just giving this a bump.

Think there was a tentative 5 who have shown interest in this. Will give it a week or so to see if we can get enough to get this going this year.

Let me know if anyone is keen.



Still interested! Ive got a mate whos interested aswell

Ok great.

Will make a list of tentative names from people who have indicated they have some interest and see how it goes:

alan feelers
david garcia fernand
yellow money
yellow money mate
mozza 19

I’d be up for this mate. As long as it doesn’t clash with any of my other drafts I’m definitely keen :slight_smile:

Ok great - will mark you down as interested