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THE NBL (NFL.com) - Internal Rules - Year 14 (2018)



Keeper Deadline Date:

August 10, 2018 (Friday)

Live Draft Date:

Sunday, Aug 12, 2018 at 1:00pm EDT / 6:00pm BST

(Snake style draft)

Full NBL settings can be viewed here: The NBL League Settings


I first set this league up in 2005 as I wanted to play Americans at their own game and show British peeps could be just as good - if not better at their fantasy football.

I was also fed up with owners giving up or not playing out the season - hence the leagues name (born out of frustration). Over the years I have replaced owners that didn’t set line ups and modified my internal rules to create what has become a very competitive league.

The key element being a 50/50 make up of team coaches from the UK & USA (8 Americans & 8 Brits). It makes for a rather nice added rivalry as we all still compete to beat one another but as a side bar whoever wins the Super Bowl also wins a title for their respective nation.


Any sections boxed and bolded like this paragraph are to bring attention to new or amended internal rules for the forth coming season (as my league is developing year on year) and helps returning team coaches to quickly find what’s new or changed from the previous season.


From season 8 this league introduced IDP’s (Individual Defensive Players instead of the traditional block Defense) along with draft pick trading and keepers that kicked in from season 9. Keepers come from your finishing squads as they were the end of the previous season - so worth long term planing and taking note of the following keeper rules…


Each owner/team will be allowed to keep up to a maximum of 2 players however only one from each side of the ball (Ofense/Defense). So in effect if keeping 2 players one has to be an IDP. You do not have to keep any players if you so wish, each owner has the choice each year - 0, 1 or 2 players. There will be a keeper deadline before the next years draft so it is each owners responsibility to look out for that deadline as no changes to selection(s) can be made after it.

Any one who does not follow the one from each side of the ball Keeper Rule and tries to keep 2 Offensive players or 2 IDP players will find they only have 1 keeper. The 2nd Keeper choice who ever it is will be over-ridden prior to the draft and be changed to ‘no keeper selected’.

Keepers will cost you the draft position they were drafted in the previous season (regardless of who drafted them). Only exception to this is when the same owner keeps the same player in consectuive seasons - then the player shifts up 1 round per year - unless he’s a first round pick - for obvious reasons. Any player kept that was undrafted the previous year will count as a last round selection.

You can find the previous seasons draft results within the league itself (here is a link): NBL 2017 Draft Results


For those teams that make the playoffs proper (teams finishing 1st-6th), there draft order will be a reverse of the previous years finishing positions as decided by NFL.com - so the previous years champion will still draft last in round 1 (*16th) and the team finishing 6th (*11th). [*excluding draft pick trading]

However I noticed in the dead rubber games some GM’s had a tendency to tank in order to get a more favourable draft position the following season. So to address that from the end of the 2014 season the following changes took affect regarding draft spots from the consolation play-off games.

If you were not in the running for the title (i.e. in the playoffs proper), there was nothing to play for except next years draft position - and the way it was, the worse you did in the dead games, the better your draft pick position the next year. This encouraged GM’s who were out of the playoffs not to try and win, actually often hoping to lose by starting their worst players (just to avoid falling foul of the strike rule, as there’s nothing else riding on those results).

So to correct that anomaly is why I introduced this rule change - making the so called dead rubber games un-dead. Each of these consolation games are now worth winning because your now playing for higher draft spot. As this part of the draft order involving the 10 non- championship playoff teams is inverted - to reward there post season wins, however pointless they may seem at the time.

So the 6 proper playoff teams will still keep their draft positions (16th - 11th).

However the rest (consolation playoff teams) will now go like this…

The team finishing 7th (i.e. best of the non-qualifiers) would have pick #1
The team finishing 8th (2nd best non-qualifier) would have pick #2
And so on, down to the team finishing 16th (worst non-qualifier) would have pick #10

I think this will be good for the league as now tanking for a better draft spot will not fly as the dead rubber games have something riding on them. I feel this should also help with the also ran GM’s trading away their better players with late round draft picks to the playoff bound GM’s who are willing to sell their next seasons chances on winning this year by agreeing to trades involving their bad players but with higher round draft picks from the following season - which is skewing the integrity of the league imho.

IDP Scoring Adjustments for 2018

It was talked about a lot last season how imbalanced IDP scores were and how any given week an IDP player could score you anything from just a few points to many tens of points and the spectrum was to much. For this reason I have adjusted the IDPs points down to the following ratios:

Tackle: 1 point
Assisted Tackles: 0.5 point (so as this league doesn’t do fractions need 2 to get a point)
Sack: 3 points
Defense Interception: 4 points
Forced Fumble: 2 points
Fumbles Recovery: 2 points
Touchdown (Interception return): 6 points
Touchdown (Fumble return): 6 points
Touchdown (Blocked kick): 6 points
Blocked Kick (punt, FG, PAT): 1 points
Safety: 2 points
Pass Defended: 0.5 point (so as this league doesn’t do fractions need 2 to get a point)

Standings Tiebreaker

Last season a poll was conducted during the post season to see what standings tie-breaker we should use going forwards as some GM’s did not like the default option of ‘Head to Head Record’ and this is the result of that poll:

So as per the result of that poll this year and going forward the tiebreaker used will be ‘Points For’.



WK1 - 1 strike (Tony Hamm)
WK2 - 2 strikes (Michael Kelley & *Karl Baumann) *LC Rescinded
WK3 - 2 strikes (Rich Leese x2)
WK4 - 3 strikes (Eric Pinney x2 & Bryce Baumann)
WK5 - 6 strikes (Karl Baumann x3, Ian Landers & Michael Kelley x2)
WK6 -
WK7 -
WK8 -
WK9 -
WK10 -
WK11 -
WK12 -
WK13 -
WK14 -
WK15 -
WK16 -
WK17 -




THE NBL (NFL.com) Records & Super Bowl Results


Annual Reorganising of the Divisions for 2018…

Now we have a full league of 16 teams thought this worked well last year so am gonna do this annually - there will be 2 US and 2 UK teams in each Division. Once Divisions are drawn whichever one I am drawn in will become the North (as a little gift to myself as I am a Lions fan and they are in the NFC North) it really makes no material difference to the fantasy season whatsoever as the teams drawn with me are still the same teams justthey to will be in the North division.

Above the teams have been numbered 1-8 which corresponds to the numbered tickets that will be drawn in the video to populate the divisions randomly. First I will do the Americans and then I will repeat with the Brits (or vice versa depending on how I feel).

Video will be loaded up here once made so all can view…


Week 1 Strikes (x1)

Sad to report Chargers Go - UK (Tony Hamm) picks up 1 strike this week for starting WR - Alshon Jeffery - (PHI) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Tue, Sep 4 at 2:01pm by Rotowire.com

Not slated to play Thursday
Jeffery, who is recovering from rotator cuff surgery, will not play Thursday against the Falcons, the Eagles’ official site reports.

Analysis: Coach Doug Pederson referred to Jeffery on Tuesday as “week to week.” On the plus side, Pederson offered a degree of optimism that the extra time between Thursday’s season opener and the team’s Sept. 16 tilt against the Buccaneers could potentially provide enough time for Jeffery to return to action by Week 2. In Week 1 at least, QB Nick Foles figures to rely more heavily on tight end Zach Ertz, as well as wideouts Nelson Agholor and Mike Wallace.


Week 2 Strikes (x2)

Sad to report the following strikes are awarded for NFL Week 2:

Karl Baumann - Baumannators (UK) x1 for:

x1 DL --empty– - did not start anyone.

Michael Kelley - Evil Empire (USA) x1 for starting QB - Carson Wentz - (PHI) who was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Wed, Sep 12 at 10:48am by Rotowire.com

Won’t start Week 2
Wentz (knee) is expected to remain inactive for the Eagles’ Week 2 matchup with the Buccaneers after head coach Doug Pederson named Nick Foles the team’s starting quarterback Wednesday, Dave Spadaro of the team’s official site reports.

Analysis: According to Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia, Wentz still has yet to be cleared for contact in practices, so it’s no surprise the Eagles are planning to proceed with Foles as their top signal-caller for the second straight week. The Eagles have thus far been reluctant to issue a firm target date for Wentz’s season debut, and that’s unlikely to change while he remains a spectator during 11-on-11 drills. Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reported Tuesday that Wentz hasn’t experienced any setbacks in his recovery from the torn ACL he suffered in Week 14 of last season, but the Eagles aren’t inclined to rush their franchise quarterback back into action until they’re confident he’s 100 percent healthy.


LC Veto - I am expunging Baumannators - UK (Karl Baumann’s) Week 2 Strike due to the following circumstances…

NFL.com changed Khalil Mack from a DL to an LB overnight without informing anyone.
This resulted in Baumannators - UK having only 1 DB in their starting lineup for NFL week 2. It was punishment enough losing the matchup by 10.5 points after being a player down without earning a strike on top through no fault of their own.

So now I know the circumstances am correcting what is in my power to do.

I hope you will all agree that’s the just thing to do.

Even after 20 years of playing fantasy football on NFL.com I still learn things - I never knew or believed NFL.com could or would change a players designated position midseason. WOW!


Week 3 Strikes (x2)

Sad to report the following strikes are awarded for NFL Week 3:

Rich Leese - Vlads Impailers (UK) x2 for:

x1 DL2 --empty– - did not start anyone.
x2 DB2 --empty– - did not start anyone.


Week 4 Strikes (x3)

Sad to report the following strikes are awarded for NFL Week 4:

Eric Pinney - Chosen Cheesehead (USA) x2

x1 Started RB - Chris Thompson - (WAS) - on a BYE

x2 Started DL - Muhammad Wilkerson - (GB) - on IR / was ruled out before his teams actual game day.

Published: Sat, Sep 29 at 1:55pm by Rotowire.com

Placed on IR
The Packers officially placed Wilkerson (ankle) on injured reserve Saturday.

Analysis: Wilkerson underwent a surgical procedure on the ankle he broke in last week’s loss to the Redskins, so it was only a matter of time before he was placed on IR. It is unfortunate for the veteran lineman, because he signed a one-year, $5 million contract in the offseason with the goals of returning to the Pro Bowl form he displayed earlier in his career and securing one last big contract. He will spend the remainder of the season recovering and looking ahead to next year. Montravius Adams will presumably see his role on the line increased as a result.

Bryce Baumann - Samurai-Bryce (UK) x1

x1 Started DB - Josh Norman - (WAS) - on a BYE


Week 5 Strikes (x6)

Sad to report the following strikes are awarded for NFL Week 5:

Karl Baumann - Baumannator (UK) x3

x1 Started WR - Ted Ginn - (NO) - OUT, was ruled out before his teams actual game day:

Published: Sat, Oct 6 at 3:49pm by Rotowire.com

Out Monday
The Saints have ruled out Ginn (knee) for Monday’s matchup with the Redskins, Josh Katzenstein of The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.

Analysis: Ginn has been nursing a knee issue since week 1, but has toughed through it up until now. The Saints have a bye week following this Monday’s game, so it looks like he will have extended time to rest and allow the injury to heal. His absence means the Saints could rely even more on Michael Thomas in the passing game, while Cameron Meredith and Tre’Quan Smith should see their workload increase as well.

x2 Started DB - Earl Thomas - (SEA) - on IR / was ruled out before his teams actual game day:

Published: Tue, Oct 2 at 7:10pm by Rotowire.com

Officially on IR
The Seahawks placed Thomas (leg) on injured reserve Tuesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Analysis: After breaking the tibia in his left leg Sunday in Arizona, Thomas was destined for IR due to the season-ending nature of the injury. Although rehab will be his immediate focus, he likely will be pondering his next contract as well. The Seahawks technically can extend the franchise or transition tag to the All-Pro safety, but he could strike back by remaining away from the team again while his teammates go through the offseason program and preseason slate. Considering his dissatisfaction with Seattle’s front office, Thomas may have played his last down with the organization.

x3 Started DB - D.J. Hayden - (JAX) - OUT, was ruled out before his teams actual game day:

Published: Wed, Oct 3 at 12:18pm by Rotowire.com

Out again in Week 5
Hayden (toe) will not suit up for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs, Jeff McLane of The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Analysis: Hayden will miss his third consecutive contest as a result of the toe injury that surfaced prior to Week 3 against the Titans. Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye remain the starters for the Jaguars, with Tyler Patmon serving as the nickel corner in his absence.

Ian Landers - Warrior Cats (USA) x1

x1 Started LB - Wesley Woodyard - (TEN) - OUT, was ruled out before his teams actual game day:

Published: Fri, Oct 5 at 2:47pm by Rotowire.com

Ruled out for Week 5
Woodyard (shoulder) has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Bills, Travis Haney of The Athletic reports.

Analysis: Woodyard was unable to practice this week after suffering a shoulder injury during the early stages of the Titans’ Week 4 win over the Eagles. With Woodyard sidelined for Sunday’s tilt, expect Jayon Brown to start at left inside linebacker next to Rashaan Evans.

Michael Kelley - Evil Empire (USA) x2

x1 Started WR - T.Y. Hilton - (IND) - OUT, was ruled out before his teams actual game day:

Published: Wed, Oct 3 at 3:45pm by Rotowire.com

Sidelined for Week 5
Hilton (chest/hamstring) has been ruled out for Thursday’s game against the Patriots, Stephen Holder of The Athletic reports.

Analysis: The short week did Hilton no favors after he suffered a pair of injuries in Sunday’s 37-34 overtime loss to the Texans. As a result, he’ll miss his first game of the season, pressing Chester Rogers, Ryan Grant and Zach Pascal into expanded roles in the Colts’ passing game.

x2 Started TE - Trey Burton - (CHI) - on a BYE