The Kraken Dynasty League


The Idaho Vandals give away a 4th round pick from 2019 for 5.08 this year :thumbsup:
Outsiders68 - Today at 10:57 PM
From Alabama Crimson Tide


Updated rosters in wide format so it’s easier to trade.


The Idaho Vandals send their 2019 1st round pick and Jordan Wilkins to Rutgers for Robbie Anderson, George Kittle and Rutgers 2019 4th and 5th round picks


The 2nd trade of the night sees the Vandals send Doug Baldwin to Kansas State for Kansas 2019 1st round pick, Kansas 2019 3rd round pick and Ricky Seals-Jones


I’m sorry to say that I will have to reload it all at a later date as nfl.com can’t reduce rosters after the draft. So we can’t reduce from 30 to 25. Awful, I wasn’t kind with my feedback. I really want to move the league to mfl.com as it’s much more configurable but it will cost us around £4 each. It’s really good for dynasty

Flea Flicker is free another option but full of adverts.

Nfl.com is no good for dynasty leagues so the move is out of necessity. We can trade all year round and not have to record them all on spreadsheets.

  • Let’s go for Mfl.com I don’t mind paying £4 for the functionality
  • Flea Flicker it’s free and I don’t mind the adverts
  • either is fine by me

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Thanks for voting looks like MFL.com is the winner. I will send invites out today


2019: K State have 1 (Rutgers) 1,3 & 5 (Gators) 3 (Clemson)
2020: K State have 2 (Idaho) Mich 2
2019 Idaho has K State 1st & 3rd

2019 Michigan has a 2nd round Clemson
2019 Rutgers have Alabama’s first round pick & Idaho Vandals 1st
2019 Alabama has Rutgers 2nd round

2019 Rutgers has a 3rd round from Michigan
2019 Idaho has Rutgers 4th and 5th
2019 Alabama has Idaho Vandals 4th
2019 Stanford has Rutgers 3rd rounder


Should we have an I.R spot

  • Yes
  • No

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Paid for 2019
Mark L
Dan C
Dan N (Sam)


2019 Rookie Draft Picks

1.01 Idaho Vandals from Kansas State Wildcats

1.02 USC Trojans(edited)

1.03 Kansas State Wildcats from Idaho Vandals(edited)

1.04 Uconn Huskies

1.05 Clemson Tigers

1.06 Fresno State Bulldogs

1.07 USC Trojans from Michigan Wolverines

1.08 Ole Miss Rebels

1.09 Rutgers Scarlet Knights from Alabama Crimson Tide

1.10 Kansas State Wildcats from Rutgers Scarlet Knights

1.11 Florida State Seminoles

1.12 Tennessee Vols

1.13 Stanford Cardinal

1.14 Kansas State Wildcats from Florida Gators

1.15 Clemson Tigers (Consolation winner)

2.01 Florida Gators from Kansas State Wildcats

2.02 USC Trojans

2.03 Kansas State Wildcats from Idaho Vandals

2.04 Uconn Huskies

2.05 Kansas State Wildcats from Clemson Tigers

2.06 Fresno State Wildcats

2.07 Kansas State Wildcats from Michigan Wolverines

2.08 Ole Miss Rebels

2.09 Alabama Crimson Tide

2.10 Michigan Wolverines from Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

2.11 Florida State Seminoles

2.12 Tennessee Vols

2.13 Stanford Cardinal

2.14 Kansas State Wildcats from Florida Gators

3.01 Florida Gators from Kansas State Wildcats

3.02 USC Trojans

3.03 USC Trojans from Idaho Vandals

3.04 Uconn Huskies

3.05 Kansas State Wildcats from Clemson Tigers

3.06 Fresno State Wildcats

3.07 Idaho Vandals from Michigan Wolverines

3.08 Ole Miss Rebels

3.09 Alabama Crimson Tide

3.10 Stanford Cardinal from Rutgers Scarlet Knights

3.11 Florida State Seminoles

3.12 Tennessee Vols

3.13 Alabama Crimson Tide from Stanford Cardinal

3.14 Alabama Crimson Tide from Florida Gators

4.01 Kansas State Wildcats

4.02 USC Trojans

4.03 Alabama Crimson Tide from Idaho Vandals

4.04 Uconn Huskies

4.05 Clemson TIgers

4.06 Fresno State Bulldogs

4.07 Idaho Vandals from Michigan Wolverines

4.08 Ole Miss Rebels

4.09 Alabama Crimson Tide

4.10 USC Trojans from Rutgers Scarlet Knights

4.11 Florida State Seminoles

4.12 Tennessee Vols

4.13 Stanford Cardinal

4.14 Florida Gators

5.01 Kansas State Wildcats

5.02 USC Trojans

5.03 Idaho Vandals

5.04 Uconn Huskies

5.05 Rutgers Scarlet Knights from Clemson Tigers

5.06 Fresno State Bulldogs

5.07 Rutgers Scarlet Knights from Michigan Wolverines

5.08 Ole Miss Rebels

5.09 Alabama Crimson Tide

5.10 Idaho Vandals from Rutgers Scarlet Knights

5.11 Florida State Seminoles

5.12 Tennessee Vols

5.13 Rutgers Scarlet Knights from Stanford Cardinal

5.14 Rutgers Scarlet Knights from Florida Gators