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The Gorgon Dynasty League


I’m desperate to get something up and running to mimic quite closely what al has done with the kraken league. There’s clearly an appetite for this.
I will keep it the same I need terms of entry cost rules ect with one minor tweak make it half point ppr. I will provisionally call it the Gorgon league (not gordon lol) it will limited to first 14 people who sign up send your payments to karinaconnors@hotmail.co.uk you have till 31st March to join…


Count me in Sean, I loved the long draft over the offseason


Yes please Sean, definitely up,for another dynasty league


I’m interested, never tried a Dynasty league before. Is there a list of rules etc anywhere?


I will put something together and get back to you asap


Three interested so far


Have you put it on Discord? Plenty of time


Possibly me


Can you help get Adam to open up a new tab to help recruit


Thank you shani


As i’ve managed to lose all of my rookie picks in the Kraken Draft i’ve plenty of time on my hands to do something else so count me in Sean.


I’m in.
Is there any interest in doing a draft before May and then have a draft for the upcoming rookies?


Nice idea !!


Keen interest. Tell me more!


Need something to keep me interested in the off season, hope it is of intrest to people.
Get some rules of the league together mate and maybe run a poll


There’s a dedicated channel for the league (Gorgon) on Discord now



Although using these it’s a half point ppr with Contracts sounds complicated but it isn’t chat on this on discord…



Using these plus it’s half point ppr and Contracts… check out discord for conversation on this.


So no IDP?


Not for this league “no sorry”