TFP Originals 2018


Hello all.

Many thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome - especially Jon for organising everything.

Also props to Noel for helping me get the right train(s) home and not waking up in Scotland…

Comedy factor, there was me banging on about how good Dan Bailey is - that he only missed a few kicks last season due to a groin injury, that he is the second most accurate kicker in NFL history only for the Cowboys to cut him a few hours later! To top it off, Martavis Bryant was also cut - high as a kite (again) so not a great start haha.

I enjoyed the whole experience and I hope that I wasn’t too much of a bell-end!

All the best



This might be in the wrong thread, but I would be up for attending the Eagles v Jaguars game at Wembley should anyone have a spare ticket flying around. I didn’t book tickets early doors because my brother’s birthday is the same day but he has arranged something else on another day so I can now attend.

Should anyone have a spare ticket then I would be pleased to pay face value.

Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man. So good.




I’ll be at the game, and going to the Green Man for a beer before. May have a spare ticket but won’t know till nearer the date. A few of the guys (@Alan_Roberts ?) tend to do well buying good tickets close to the date?


Yeah as Jon says if you look the week before the game on Ticketmaster, you can pick up tickets fairly regularly. They are normally team returns


Alan/Jon - cheers for the response guys.


No wonder I couldn’t find you in league how come your Johnny there?


Hi Noel

John is my middle name, Toby is my forename.

I used Johnny as my name because I had another NFL account with Toby.

Big fan of Mason Crosby (sorry James!).

Has Ian walked under a ladder or stepped on a cat’s tail!?
I appreciate that it’s a game of inches but you have endured dreadful luck this season man.

I hope all are well.




Toby - dont have a spare for Jags Eagles, but I do have one for this weekend Chargers Titans. Drop me a line if you are interested