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Hi Noel, I did email you but it must’ve slipped through.

I’ve sent the payment over to Iain, he’ll get it to you.



Sorry Andre - no worries I am a few days behind with my e-mails so many games going on right now plus having trouble with my e-mail as it’s not staying as laid out for another game I run so taking much of my time up right now - I would of got to your e-mail in the end as am working through them chronologically - so will reply all be it a bit late - thanks.


I can advise every one has now paid - will confirm adjusted prizes shortly (as we are less teams than last year).


PRIZES - (based on 12 teams)

Winner - £300
Runner Up - £150
Third - £75
Highest Weeks Score - £75

Total - £600


Wow for the 2nd time in only 4 years of this league running we have a multiple season champion - for the second time Nicholas McKay has won it. Not only that he also bagged the highest weeks score this season - so cashed there to. Checking the history I notice last year he came runner up to - so pretty much cashed every year he’s played - guessing this format really suits you Nick!

PRIZES PAYOUTS - 2018 (based on 12 teams)

1st ( £300 ) - Nicholas McKay - ndmckay
2nd ( £150 ) - Noel Symonds - bluelionman
3rd ( £75 ) - Robert McGregor - mconabike
Highest Week ( £75 ) - Nicholas McKay - ndmckay



Excited to be victorious… thanks again for organising @bluelionman!

Looking forward to playing again next year. Let’s try and get back up to at least 14.

Happy New Year all.

Nick. (Red Kites / @ndmckay).


Will be in this next year if room please


Last 3 years you’ve won, runner up, won that’s some record


Defo be room Sean - just a question if draft time suits you (and others). To make it easy on everyone and myself when NFL.com goes live for 2019 I will set it up and plan to pick a late night draft time (to fit round my work shifts). As a side benefit this should open up chances for any TFPers that are in way different time zones to UK in case any would like to get involved in a money league. So this means a late night draft UK time - however I will set it up so early that people will know the date and time well in advance and can work with it (opt in or out). I will add you to the list of people wanting in for 2019 - 3 on it currently and 4 spaces for sure minimum next year, so your guaranteed if you decide draft date/time works for you.