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TFP AUCTION DRAFT - Drafts 11pm tonight still spaces left


Hi Noel, I did email you but it must’ve slipped through.

I’ve sent the payment over to Iain, he’ll get it to you.



Sorry Andre - no worries I am a few days behind with my e-mails so many games going on right now plus having trouble with my e-mail as it’s not staying as laid out for another game I run so taking much of my time up right now - I would of got to your e-mail in the end as am working through them chronologically - so will reply all be it a bit late - thanks.


I can advise every one has now paid - will confirm adjusted prizes shortly (as we are less teams than last year).


PRIZES - (based on 12 teams)

Winner - £300
Runner Up - £150
Third - £75
Highest Weeks Score - £75

Total - £600