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Need a sure thing Urgently


Okay I am not dumb enough to think anything is a sure thing but need a very likely winner or tip as have been e-mailed a personal offer from one of my online bookies - most likely as I have not made a bet for ages (due to my catastrophic losses on the Super Bowl). However this offer looks a real good one as in if I place a £50 bet they will give me a free £50 bet.

However offer is only open 1st - 6th August.

So I need something to punt on that has a good chance of coming in to give me a shot to make rather than loose as you get the free bet regardless of result so 2 winning bets happy days.

Full T & C’s here:

bet 50, get 50!

So over to you super TFP punters - any ideas?


you need minimum odds of 1.5

I’d fancy doing something on the Fiorentina v Barcelona game tonight. The odds on barca are just short of 1.5 but I quite like over 2.5 goals or both teams to score which should be just under evens


dunno about sure things but there are two horses I quite fancy at Naas tomorrow,

Herald The Dawn in the 3:55 7/4
Ebayya In the 5:25 7/2


Great tip, won easy. Thinking of doubling up with the other one.


I am gutted with how late the draft finished last night and other business this morning I never got online as planned so never got on this tip - gutted as feel I missed my chance to bag a winner and get my free £50 bet - feel sure if I ask for another tip now no way will it win… I have to 6th to make the bet and claim the offer… can lightning strike twice.

Anyone on here have a likely winner - on anything?




Don’t feel too bad, I doubled up on the second horse and it lost. Then I was chasing it and ended up £50 down.
Football season starts Saturday so there maybe a good thing on there.


Who is the bet with?

Can I suggest you do NFL Divisional bets? (multiples and singles) I think there are a few false favourites this season (inc. New England). I find these a fun bet and last several months, so unless you need the stake back soon it’s a good punt.

For what it’s worth I’m going for a few decent priced possible winners:-
Cinci 11/4
Miami 4-1
Giants 4-1
Kansas 11/2

4 x £10 trebles + £10 acca = £50
(pays a five figure amount if they all copped).

Will also invest a few quid on the Vikes @ 12-1


Interesting will look into tonight - offer is with Betfair.


Okay - don;t forget your freebet will not return your £50 stake, so no point beting anything at short odds. Perhaps a team to win the AFC or NFC?


Yeah but before I get free bet have to have a real £50 bet so just want a winner as that will return stake… Worry about free bet after as will have 7 days to use it.

So any more solid tips guys keep them coming.


My mistake Dean bet offer is with Bwin not Betfair.



I just read all the T&C’s Bet 50 Get 50 terms & conditions

Seems the bet has to also be settled in the promotional period so now I need something today or 2moro to wack 50 on or I cant get the free 50 bet - bugger means missing Georges Horse tip is even worse now and long term markets is no good for the qualifying bet - might be okay for the free bet…

So TFP punters - any one - anyone have a really good tip for today or 2moro… also > Bets must be placed at minimum odds of 1.5


If you need one in a hurry, Celtic really really ought to beat mysterious eastern europeans FC Caramac (spelling?) in their euro game this afternoon. Better than even money too!


Have not looked into but on the information given evens or better on that sounds nice!


Bonus fact - the game is being played at the Tofiq Bahramov Stadium - which is named after the linesman who awarded England’s slightly dubious third goal in the 1966 World Cup Final


Noel - let us know if you load up on Celtic (so I can bet against it !!!).
Sorry only joking, surely there are better alternatives than trusting a team who would be happy with a draw?

Had a good look around the betting world and nothing happening anywhere.
I was going to suggest a horse called Corregio at Pontefract this aft’ in the first, but the jockey has only had half a doz. rides in his life so I wouldn’t put any of my cash on it so I can’t recommend the bet to you either. Can you do £25 each way on a 4-1 shot??

Sorry Noel - your on your own (you don’t have to bet, the offer isn’t actually that good as you don;t get your stake back on your next bet).


Well I took the risk despite Celtic only winning 1-0 at home in the first leg and a draw being good enough (unless away side score) then that changes things - any way lumped on the Celtic and now fingers crossed!

@Dean I recall you telling me a bet last year I fancied about Terry and Gerrard scoring in same game was best swerved and it came in - so this time am hoping not being put off by you works for me. :sunglasses:


Celtic were bloody awful last week in the first leg. Now away from home where a draw will do, that’s not a bet I would be taking. Also I didn’t read all T&C’s, if it’s one of those ‘free’ bets where you have to turn it over multiple times before you can withdraw… they’re not even worth having


Simon - yep, Celtic weren’t good at all in the first leg. My thinking was “if they played that badly and still won…”

Ho hum, hope I have steered Noel towards a winner!


Best of luck Noel - Any thoughts on how are you investing the free £50?