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I know ya gonna think I need committing but with all the moves Cleveland is making plus their plethora of high end draft picks 1 & 4 first round for a start… thought their massive prices I saw a week or so ago of either 200 or 250/1 was worth a free bet. Seems the books have paid attention to as nearly all the books have cut Cleveland’s odds massively to between 66/1-100/1.

Any way on OddsChecker 3 books was still listed as having the Browns @ 200/1 so as one of them books (BetBright) I had a free bet to use up within 6 days had a squiz at their NFL Super Bowl market prices which when I looked all their prices on all other teams bar 1 (which was the Chiefs at 33’s) was way skinnier than other books are so decided hell I’ll do the £10 on the Browns and forget about it as it’s a free bet I need to use or loose within 6 days and just should they do a Leicester City miracle season then could look forward to a nice 2K payout come next Feb!

WELL HELL NO - as when I tried to get on I got hit with this:

Are you kidding me - I got them on chat and there service advisor said nope that’s their traders prerogative - that’s the max their traders will allow - I asked them to check and that was the answer.

So a so called professional bookmaker does not want to take a £10 bet that would expose them to a 2K loss maximum in nearly a years time on a team that didn’t win a game last season plus is so unlikely to get anywhere near the Post Season let alone the Super Bowl but if did could be laid off for big odds still much nearer to post season (so in several months time).

No wonder I very rarely use BetBright - damn - why even have such a high price if you don’t really want anyone to take it? :open_mouth:

Well I got them to spilt my free £10 bet into two free bets one for £2.50 and one for £7.50 so I could still do the Browns @ 200’s for the £2.50 they permit and as I mentioned earlier stuck the other £7.50 on the Chiefs @ 33’s as there the only other team that’s a decent price on BB right now imo. :football:


I thought it time to revisit this again - now we well past the draft.

I am building up a big portfolio of free bets used on next seasons NFL S/B winner market - in fact I now have all but 3 teams with something on… :crazy_face:

Get’s harder and harder to find teams / prices I like - many have come in post draft!

Want someone to tell me their honest assessment of the Chiefs this year - as right now can still get 33’s on Sky Bet - elsewhere the current price seems to be 25’s or 28’s. Have a free £5 bet to use up there (2 days and several hours till expiry) and not many of the prices excite me tbh - trying to convince myself to use on KC… if I use on NFL outright market.

Who do people like for the Super Bowl right now - can’t find better than 9’s on the current champs anywhere right now… :football:


So now the draft has been and gone who do people like and for the prices out there for the Super Bowl - can the Skins do anything?

Sky have them at 80’s right now - best anywhere else is 66’s… :thinking:


Anyone know why just yesterday some of the books doubled the price on the Broncos most places were 33’s-40’s but yesterday I found them at 66’s on both Paddy Power and betfair? :thinking:

Chucked my free £10 Paddys Reward bet on them incase it was an error but now thinking it’s not as price is still available. :football:


Damn, keep seeing this threads about betting services blocking accounts really makes me mad.


Yeah I don’t know if my free bets on Betway are still live anymore as first they restricted me on 22 October (without telling me till later when I had trouble getting the stakea I wanted on bets and complaining). Then while back and forth complaining about such and fact I wasn’t awarded my free bets under betclub they self restricted me - some vague statement they said I made in those e-mails… how on earth a bookie can self restrict you is beyond me - surely by the very name self restriction should be something I have to do.

Any way have found a very useful website called Justice for Punters - eye opening the stories on there what the bookies get away with. Totally unregulated market - politicians in there back pockets. Am joining the campaign for a minimum bet liability law here like they have in Oz… but till then time to fight these unfair T&C’s the books have and report them to ASA for false advertising as its bs you do to many offers (like they advertise all over social media channels, radio, TV and via SMS’s) and they will restrict you (as they have me) even if ya not a winning account. Winners and skill based punters not welcome either. Right old con.