£30 PPR Superbowl 2019 League


Yeah that’s fine mate. I’ll do a poll for the draft day. It’ll have to be Monday or Tuesday at 9 then


Draft Day will be Monday 3rd 8.30pm or Tuesday 4th 9.00pm

  • Monday 3rd 8.30pm
  • Tuesday 4th 9.00pm
  • I can make either

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Mate of mine is interested, Cleveland Browns please Al will send you a email now with his details


Looks like Monday 3rd 8.00 pm has won the vote. @MannoMission Brian I hope you can still make it.

Let me know.




Yup no problem, Tue was my preferred but have enough notice to arrange stuff.

Roll on Monday 3rd !!!


Money sent, thanks Alan.


Thanks Ian, received.


Ughhh - so, I now have a works night out on Monday 3rd, and will only be available to draft on Tuesday 4th… :frowning:


Spoke to Ian @grecian2010 and he is going to autodraft or draft at a slightly risky establishment


Only reason I’ve never put my name down for this league is live draft times did not suit but it sounds so much fun - good luck all. I’ve never done a PPR league but itching to try one someday.


Have we a draft order yet ?? Need to work on my strategy this year and not take Gronk R1 :grinning:


It will be randomised by the draft room as we enter


Ah rights…cheers Alan


10 minutes everyone


Very close finish to the season, only one win separates 1st and 7th, and i’d say anyone down to 12th could still make the playoffs.

Big week ahead.


Congratulation to Brian’s Atlanta Falcons who won the Division and went on to win the Superbowl.

Prize money is:-
Winner £220 Atlanta Falcons 0- Brian
R/Up £100 Philadelphia Eagles - James
**Division winner £100 Atlanta Falcons - Brian

Will send this shortly