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£30 PPR Superbowl 2019 League


Put me on the waiting list please mate


Will do Mike, there should be a few spaces I would think


Put me on the waiting list to please Al :+1:t3:


Will do Dan


Al any ideas on a tentative date for the draft? I’m asking because probably the most obvious one is Sun 2nd sep and I already have 2 drafts scheduled for that day so if that’s the case I might need to drop from this one


Perhaps 8pm on the tuesday/Wednesday just before the season. I’ll refund anyone who can’t make the draft


Cheers, I’m in then, money sent.


cheers mate. received


Yup ill be back…Money sent…Cheers


Cheers Brian, received.


Thanks Alan - in again and just paid you :+1:


Cheers James received


@otleyroad @YellowMoney

Mike, Dan,

You’re both in. Pick any team not taken on the opening entry in this thread. Dan, the Patriots are available, but sorry Mike the Eagles have already gone


Miami Dolphins please mate


Yes Al I’ll have the Patriots, what’s payment details?


Do you have many places left?


2 definite places. Waiting to hear from a couple of people as well


I’m back in, thanks for organising


1 definite spot left.

12 definites already signed up.

waiting to hear from @falbravo on whether he is taking up the challenge this year.




Hi Al sorry for the slow response. I,m definitely up for another season but can’t make a Tuesday 4th draft unless it’s 9pm or later.

Will sort out payment this week if that’s ok