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£30 PPR Superbowl 2019 League


The Bengals lead the way with 2 wins and 294.86 points. The Bengals scored a colossal 178.38 which was also comfortably the highest score this week so Ian takes the home the weekly high score prize of £10 (rolled over from last week). Congrats Ian money sent.

The Jets, Rams and Saints also boast perfect records so far after week 2 victories and are 2-0. They were joined with wins this week by the Browns, Buccaneers and the Broncos who snatched a win by just .4 from Brian’s luckless Falcons. Beckham’s 7.6 just got David over the line on Monday Night Football to secure the narrowest of wins

Could be a long season for the Falcons, Cards, Cowboys and Seahawks as they all fall to 0-2


Defo going to a long season for the Falcons . That Gronk panic pick in round 1 will haunt me forever :worried:


It certainly caused a stir at the time Brian. He might come good


The Bengals still lead the way from the Saints and both remain unbeaten. The Bills, Broncos, Jets, Rams, Eagles and Buccs are all one game back on 2-1

The Saints (Dean) also bagged the instant top score prize of £5 scoring 155.62 against the unlucky Jets who suffered their first loss despite scoring a very respectable 136.10.

The Falcons, Cardinals and Seahawks are still win less but the only way is up for them


The Saints (Dean) lead the way with a perfect 4-0 record so far. The Rams, Bengals, Bills, Eagles and Buccs lead the chase on 3-1. The Cardinals picked up their first win in a close encounter the unlucky Falcons claiming the victory by less than a point

The Seahawks put up the 4th highest score of the week but remain win less and have been heavily scored upon all year conceding 511.52

The Bills (Javier) top scored this week with 135.58 but were denied the top score prize by the Cleveland Browns 132.34 so the weekly prize rolls over


The Saints (Dean) still lead the way with a perfect 5-0 record. The Bengals (Ian W) and Bills (Javier) are one game back on 4-1. The Eagles (James) lost this week but still climbed a place to 4th. Everyone down to 11th is just one game off the playoffs. 49ers still suffering from losing DJ fall to 1-4, the Falcons are off the mark and it just leaves the 0-5 Seahawks looking for a win.

The top score rolls over for a 2nd week. The Cardinals top scored with 140.34 whist notching up back to back wins but were denied by Denver scoring 132.42.


The Bengals (Ian) now lead the way, from the Bills (Javier) and Saints (Dean) who suffered their first loss this year and drop to 3rd. They were also the only team in the current top 8 to lose.

The Jets (Jason) top scored with 145.92 but the Eagles (James) played spoiler and denied him the top score prize so this rolls over again

The Falcons would have beaten 11 of the other 13 teams but suffered an unlucky defeat.

Still a long way go and still all to play for.


i need these numbers naaaawww


The Bengals (Ian W) and Bills (Javier) lead the way with 6-1 records. The Eagles and Saints lead the chasing pack with 5-2.

The Bengals beat the 49ers this week by just 0.12 the smallest margin.

Teams also winning this week were the Falcons, Cowboys, Cardinals, Jets and Eagles.

The Bills (154.32) were the highest scoring team of the week but were denied the the high score prize by my Cowboys (153.32). It’s another rollover. These two current playoff teams also face off in week 8.

Week 8 fixtures (Current standing in brackets)
Cowboys (6) vs Bills (2)
Saints (4) vs Rams (8),
Bengals (1) vs Broncos (7)
Buccs (9) vs Falcons (11)
49ers (15) vs Cardinals (10)
Browns (12) vs Seahawks (14)
Jets (5) vs Eagles (3)


The Bengals (Ian) and Bills (Javier) march on to 7-1 records. The Saints (Dean) also wins and goes to 6-2. The Jets, Eagles and Cowboys currently fill out the playoff places despite the latter two losing this week.

The Buccs and Cards with vital wins are quietly sneaking into contention and sit as one of five teams on 4-4. The Browns picked up a vital win to stay one game back on 3-5

Congrats to the Bengals 151.02 (Ian) also took home the high score pot rollover of £25. £25 will be on it’s way to you today.

This weeks fixtures. Some crucial matches.
Bengals (1) vs Cowboys (6)
Bills (2) vs Falcons (12)
Saints (3) vs Eagles (5)
Jets (4) vs Browns (11)
Buccs (7) vs Rams (10)
Broncos (8) vs Cards (9)
49ers (13) vs Seahawks (14)


Bengals (Ian W) just keep winning and lead the way with an impressive 8-1 record dispatching the Cowboys is straight forward fashion.The 2nd placed Bills (Javier) were surprisingly well beaten by (Brian’s) Atlanta Falcons. The Jets (Jason) made it 4 wins on the bounce to rise to 3rd. The Eagles (James) defeated the Saints (Dean) and leap frog them into 4th but both still have a 6-3 record. Denver (David) now hold the last playoff space after beating Arizona (Sam) in he battle of the 4-4s. The Rams 5-4 are in 7th after beating the Cardinals (Chris) in another 4-4 battle.

The highest score this week was by the Jets 145.42 but they were denied the top score prize by the Atlanta Falcons so the prize rolls over.

Seattle finally got off the mark for the season. Week 10 is a massive make or break for many.

Week 10 fixtures
Bengals (1) vs Cards (9)
Bills (2) vs Rams (7)
Jets (3) v 49ers (14)
Eagles (4) v Buccs (9)
Saints (5) v Browns (12)
Broncos (6) Seahawks (13)
Cowboys (8) vs Falcons (11)


The Bengals (Ian W) win again and move to 9-1. The Bills (Javier) are still hot on their heels in 2nd on 8-2.

The Jets, Eagles and Saints all win making it a clean sweep for the top 5 teams. They look like they’ve made the playoffs.

This leaves 6 teams all vying for the last playoff spot. The Broncos currently own it but were beaten in a shock loss to the Seattle Seahawks who are now on a 2 win streak after 8 straight loses, The Rams, Bucs, Cowboys and Cardinals all failed to take advantage and fell to defeat this week.

The top scoring Falcons 146.74 (Brian) kept their faint playoffs alive after a second good score in as many weeks. They were denied the top score prize by the Javier’s Bills team so that rolls over.

Week 11 Fixtures
Bengals (1) vs Seahawks (13)
Bills (2) vs Eagles (4)
Jets (3) vs Broncos (6)
Saints (5) vs 49ers (14)
Rams (7) vs Falcons (11)
Buccs (8) vs Browns (12)
Cowboys (9) vs Cardinals (10)


The Bengals win again and roll on to 10-1. The Bills, Eagles, Jets, Saints all have playoffs places secured sitting on 8-2

The last playoff place is wide open. 5 teams sit on a 5-6 record, the Falcons are currently on an eye catching 3 win streak. The Cards still have an outside chance on 4-7 but need a lot to go their way. This week will prove massive deciding this last spot.

Trade deadline is the 25th. All trade will be processed straight away unless they look seriously dodgy.

This weeks high score prize is another rollover. The Eagles top scored with 162 but were denied by the Cowboys 158

Week 12 Fixtures
Bengals (1) vs Jets (4)
Bills (2) vs Browns (12)
Eagles (3) vs Falcons (8)
Saints (5) vs Broncos (7)
Cowboys (6) vs Rams (9)
Buccs (10) vs 49ers (14)
Cardinals (11) vs Seahawks (13)


The Bengals (Ian W) still lead the way on 10-2 but were taken down this week by the Jets (Jason) who improve to 9-3 after winning an impressive seven on the bounce.The Bills (Javier) got back to winning ways and currently lead the chase after beating the luckless Browns with the highest score of the week 164. It wasn’t enough to take the high score prize which rolls over again. The Eagles (James) 160 denied them and moved up to 3rd by disposing of the Falcons this week, the Broncos (David) picked up a vital win against the Saints (Dean) in the lowest scoring game of the week.

The Broncos now hold the last playoff spot. 3 teams are vying for that last playoff space. The Broncos meet the Buccs (Chris) week 13 so it could be winner takes all.The Rams aren’t done if the Buccs win and they beat the 9-3 Eagles.

Everyone else will be playing for the high score prize of £25 which hasn’t been won since week 8.

Week 13 Fixtures
Bengals (1) vs Saints (5)
Bills (2) vs 49ers (14)
Eagles (3) vs Rams (7)
Jets (4) vs Cards (11)
Broncos (6) vs Buccs (8)
Falcons (9) vs Browns (12)
Cowboys (10) vs Seahawks (13)


The Bills (Javier) and Jets (Jason) took the 2 top seeds and playoff bye. The Bengals (Ian) lead the league most of the year but back to back loses saw them fall to 3rd in the final week.

The Broncos (David) claimed the last playoff place on the last week with the Rams (Ian) looking very unlucky to miss out on the playoffs.

The Cleveland Browns took the £25 rollover high score with 170.30. Just to clarify the 4 teams without a game this week can still win the high score prize.

Good luck to those in the playoffs.


We have our Semi finalists, wins for Eagles and Bengals saw the top 4 seeds make the final 4.

The Bengals (Ian) managed to see off a poor score from the Broncos (David) who played like Paxton Lynch was actually playing for them. The Eagles sneaked past the Saints in a close encounter with Dion Lewis just doing enough on Monday Night Football to see the Eagles (James) home. The Saints (Dean) were let down by a score of 0 from both his TE’s. Just 1 catch from either might have made the difference.

The Bills (Javier) the number 1 seed who were on a bye this week put up a mighty 176.04 and win this weeks high score prize. They take on the Eagles this week for a place in the Final. The Jets take on the Bengals for the right to take one of them on.

Good luck all



Grrrr…fkin Tight Ends


The top 2 seeds Buffalo Bills (Javier) and the New York Jets (Jason) successfully moved through their respective semi’s. The Bengals (Ian) were slightly unlucky to lose as they put up a very respectable 149.52 but were seen off by a mightily impressive score of 191.04 from the New York Jets. Jason also wins the instant high score weekly prize of £5. The highest scoring team next week regardless of whether they have a match will take home the final £5 prize. Javier took the high score prize the week previous so it should be cracking final. Good luck to both teams.


Congratulations to The New York Jets (Jason @JLL ) who took home the Superbowl 2017 trophy beating the Buffalo Bills (Javier @roookie) by 12 points.

The Bengals (Ian) put up the weekly top score and take home the final £5 weekly prize.

Prize money is on it’s way.
Winner £200
R/up £70
Final weeks top score prize £5 (16x5 £80 paid out during the season)
Total £350


This league will be back for 2019.

Check the first entry for the new prize structure.

Can the Jets win it all again?

Let me know if you’re coming back or not please.

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