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£30 PPR Superbowl 2019 League


@otleyroad It’s definitely PPR (Redraft)

At the moment it’s an extra flex position and a slighter deeper bench added to the normal settings.

Still options for changes. Any changes would have to get the majority vote though

Draft date is definitely Sunday 9.30pm


Got it :thumbsup: Let me know if I need to advertise anywhere if you need additional people


Feel free to advertise it, the more the merrier.


Hopefully we can make the draft more interesting by getting the league up to 10 players so there’s a bit more scarcity at QB (superflex) position.

I will sell it on the Betfair forum if that’s ok


Yeah great. I may have a 9th already


To be clear, is the extra flex currently a RB/WR or a RB/WR/TE or a RB/WR/TE/QB flex?

I’m up for any of those, although the latter isn’t something I’ve done before so would be up for trying if others are - happy to go with the majority


rb/wr/te currently


We now are up to 9 with another who will make 10 if needed.

Paid in bold

  1. Al - Dallas Cowboys
  2. James- Philadelphia Eagles
  3. Shani - San Francisco 49ers
    4) Ian - Los Angeles Rams
  4. JLL - New York Jets
  5. David - Denver Broncos
  6. Chris J - Cleveland Browns
  7. Daniel - New England Patriots
  8. Dean - New Orleans Saints
  9. Chris P - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  10. Ian W - Cincinnati Bengals
  11. Javier - Buffalo Bills
  12. Brian - tbd
  13. Sam - tbd


Is auction possible?


Probably not at this stage as James is doing 2 drafts at the same time. It’s a lot harder if one is an auction, I would say

That said I’m not totally against it but we would need everyone to vote for it


As Alan says, don’t think I could juggle an auction I’m afraid!

Glad it sounds like we’ll have at least 10 teams - hopefully everyone can pay up and sign in ahead of time so we’re ready to go on Sunday evening.


Good point if you still need to pay £25 entry, my paypal is alanroberts1987@live.co.uk


Sunday 9.30 works for me, so I’ll join as the Bucs if thats cool. Will pp the money now.


Great news Chris invite sent!


Morning Al, how’s the numbers looking? If it’s an odd one at the minute I will drop out, something has come up Sunday night. If not, I will stay in and autodraft or sneak a look at my phone to keep the numbers even


By my calculations I think with Chris joining we’re at 10, but wil let Al confirm. Would be a shame to lose you!


Correct we need you for the 10 currently unless we get another taker. Thanks mate you’ll be fine on your rankings/phone. Appreciate it


Yeah not to worry, I will be in if nobody else comes forward :+1:t3:


Good news we have 12 but still an even number so I still need you Daniel unless someone joins tomorrow



Still awaiting payment from a few of you if you can get that paid I can send you the invites to join and we’re all sorted


Good stuff Al - looking forward to the draft tonight