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£30 PPR Superbowl 2019 League


Good news - I’d be happy to be flexible to try to get you on board!


Date and time sounds good to me


We still have spaces if people want to join. Should be a good active league!

The league is public and viewable from nflppr2017.league.fantasy.nfl.com

Ok guys the league is created, paypal me the entry fee (£25) and i’ll send you an invite

Once joining please select a badge for your NFL Franchise my team>edit settings>team logo

All monies will be paid out and we can decide on the price structure once we have finalised the league size


I’ll enter but can’t do Tuesday, would have to be Sunday, Monday or Wednesday night for me


Ok we might have to rethink Tuesday as a draft date. It’ll be 9pm we will select the date that most people can make

Please let me know you’re availability for next week asap please @JLL @jrt55555 @falbravo @David_Garcia_Fernand

Al, Otley, Shani,CJ, Falbravo, David (9.30), JLL,
Al, Otley, Shani, David, JLL
Al, Shani, falbravo, David, JLL
Al, Otley, Shani, CJ, David,


Cant do Monday or Wednesday I’m afraid :sob:


Ok Sunday looking an early favourite


Monday Tuesday Wednesday I am free
Got drafts at 8 PM sunday 6 PM Saturday and 9 PM Tomorrow. UK time.


@David_Garcia_Fernand Two drafts Sunday? An hour you’ll have all your best players :joy: Would half nine make any difference?


the only day i CANT do is Wednesday. The rest of them are fine (incl Sunday)


Ok everyone looks like the draft is Sunday 9.30 pm,

paypal £25 for entry=alanroberts1987@live.co.uk and I’ll get the invites sent out

Still spaces if anyone wants in!


Aghh I can’t do Sunday at 9.30pm im afraid - have another draft at 10pm.

I can do Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday though.

Any chance we could do it earlier on Sunday? Say 6pm?


David has one at 8pm lol. Can everyone do 6pm?


6pm would work for me - sorry to be a pain!


The draft is confirmed as Sunday 9.30


You know what, scratch all that - I’ll do 9.30pm and just have to double draft - dont want to mess others around and a late draft time is probably going to be easier for me to sneak away from family holiday time for anyway(!)


Ok great 9.30 pm it is


:thumbsup: “You’ve sent 25,00 GBP to alanroberts1987@live.co.uk” my paypal email is my FF email where you can send the invite (JLL…@Gmail)


Thanks @JLL (Jason) invite sent


Hi Alam, have settings been decided? Auction, snake, roster size etc or is this still up for debate?