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£20 Bingo Ball Bestball League


£20 entry Every 2 rounds you get 2 balls they could come out 1-2 they could be the last 2 in the 2nd. That’s the luck of the draw. 45 seconds per pick. Drawn done live over skype (or similar) to ensure transparency. Should be fun and very different. BestBall so no need to alter your lineup once you draft. Probably one for a Sunday night

to signup reply to this.
2) Sean
3) Jon
4) Chris
5) Simon
6) David
7) Mark
8) Dan N
9) James
10) Mike
11) Mike L
12) Dean



Ok in as well lol


I am in


Love the idea of this one, if the date works I’ll be in!


OK. I’m in.


I’ll be in, looks like I’ll have to reinstall Skype :sob::sob:


Depending on draft date I’ll have a go.


Same as Mark, depending on the draft date I’ll be involved


We’ll make sure we get a date that suits everyone don’t worry


i will be in, depending on date


If any spaces I would be interested


Yeah sure I think we can have up to 10. I’ll put your name down


Sorry a little late but I am interested.


No problem Mike. You’re in.


One more player needed to make 12, we can then draft. We have 2 Mikes so I thought we only had 10.

If anyone wants in on the fun and wants to grab the last spot let me know




The league is almost ready, we need one more.

Paypal you £20 entries to alanroberts1987@live.co.uk

Once full we can find a draft day suitable to all. I will obviously refund people if they can’t make the draft date for some reason


Ok the league is now full.

Draft Day

  • 24th Juine (England play at 1pm so bear that in mind)
  • 1st July
  • Either is fine
  • Can’t make either

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Paid “Mike Yellow” more then happy to be referred to as we have 2 Mikes


Cheers Mike Yelllow invite sent


Can make either if needed, but voted 1 July as a preference