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16 man mock draft practice June 21st @8pm


Join Here: http://fantasy.nfl.com/registration/privateleaguejoin?leagueId=3972376
League ID: 3972376
League Password: tfp


Sounds good, I’m in


Should be a laugh


Nice one it’s filling up nicely.


Four spots left


In. Should be interesting!


I’ll be there.


Hi Chris you get to chose your draft position for this mock. It’s your turn. The ones taken so far are 1,2,4,6,8,11 and 16.


James your turn to pick a draft position for this mock. Positions you can chose from are :-

5,10,12,13,14 or 15


I’ll take number 5 please


Ok thanks


Enjoyed the mock draft - cheers all. Also enjoyed the skyping, though I think I need to get more used to that…
Certainly pleased with my team - confident I have enough depth to get past the inevitable pre season injuries so I can set a week 1 line up to sweep me through the season. Will be very disappointed if I am not champion in this one :grin:

Good to have a bit of a chat, and also a debrief on a couple of the team line ups at the end, shame there wasn’t another 15 minutes to wrap all of that up.


Yeah was good to have some practice and good to Skype and talk NFL and Fantasy again!